The Guidelines for Babysitter Matching Sites


The Guidelines for Babysitter Matching Sites

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, released the guidelines for babysitter matching sites on 3, June 2015.

From April 1, 2016, all babysitter who register and work via matching sites need to register to the prefectural.

CareFinder’s compliance with the guidelines status (As of July. 25th, 2016)



Babysitters’ registration of matching sites

CareFinder started checking all babysitter’s registration status after the babysitter’s registration start from April 1, 2016.


Prohibition of multiple registration by one user

CareFinder has never allowed multiple registrations.


Set up of helpdesk

CareFinder has a helpdesk telephone number and email address which users contact us.


Troubleshooting measures

If any problems occur between parents and babysitters, CareFinder will ask both parties’ opinions and make an effort to solve the problems.


Terms of Use for babysitter matching sites

CareFinder included the terms of use for babysitter matching sites and once people accept the terms of use, they can register and use our service.


Informing the start of registration process, terms of use, compliance with the guidelines status

CareFinder has informed the guidelines via our News site from June 4th,2015, and showing compliance with the guidelines status in the Resource pages. Updated and informed the latest status in July 25th, 2016.


Personal information management

CareFinder is appropriately managing users’ personal information based on our Privacy Policy.

The Guidelines for Babysitter Matching Sites (Japanese only)

The compliance results with the guidelines status (Japanese only)

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