Tips for Using Babysitters


Tips for Using Babysitters
  • When you use a babysitter, please try to use the babysitter for as short of a period of time as possible and avoid using the sitter overnight.
  • When using the sitter, periodically call or message the sitter to check up on your children.
  • When using a babysitter outside of your home, make sure you go to the location of the sitting beforehand to confirm the safety at environment of the location.
  • Check with the babysitter to see if they are insured.
  • Give the babysitter two or more emergency contacts. Please make sure that you can always receive the emergency contacts.
  • Make sure that only the babysitter that you hired is actually looking over your children at all times.  Never leave your children with someone that you did not directly hire.
  • After the sitting make sure that you ask for reports of how the sitting went.
  • After the sitting is over check with your children to see how the sitting was.

For government safety guidance for using babysitters, please view the below link from the Ministry of Heath, Labor, and Welfare (Japanese only)

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