About Us

Carefinder is a bilingual babysitter matching site that connects families in Tokyo and throughout Japan with qualified babysitters.

Raising children in Tokyo can be challenging, especially considering demanding schedules and language barriers.  Carefinder aims to bridge that gap between qualified sitters and parents in need.

We have put a considerable amount of work into building a network of eager babysitters that are highly qualified and with multiple skill sets.  If you are looking for a sitter to teach your child a new language, help with school homework, pick up from daycare, look after when they are sick, or even a sitter for when the parents need a romantic night out – CareFinder will help you find the right sitter. 

Please use CareFinder to build your own network of trusted babysitters.  You will find that you won’t rely on one sitter, but you will use many sitters over the course of time. You will find that your children will also form bonds with their sitters and can become close family friends.  Come to CareFinder to select the right sitters for you and your family.