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Find high quality babysitting jobs with CareFinder

CareFinder is the largest bilingual English and Japanese babysitter matching site in Japan

We take pride in our community of high quality babysitters and families looking for sitters. CareFinder is currently in growth phase and we are actively recruiting freelance babysitters who are looking for work.

If you have any experience with babysitting, raising children, or teaching children and you are looking for flexible work in your free-time, then register as a sitter on CareFinder! CareFinder has many families all over Japan looking for different types of jobs, such as full-time or part-time nannies, regularly scheduled jobs, or a sitter for the occasional night out. No matter what your schedule is like, you should be able to find the perfect job on CareFinder.

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Benefits of CareFinder

With CareFinder you have the flexibility to choose work that meets your schedule. You can also decide where you work. No longer is the location and time of your work decided fory you.
You set your own wage based on your skills, experience, and certifications. No need to worry about an agency taking a large cut of your pay.
With CareFinder you get to choose who you work for. You can meet the family though the site and do an interview offline. Ultimately who you work for is your choice.
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How it Works

How to Find the Perfect Babysitting Job.
3 Steps to finding the right job on CareFinder:
1. Search for a job
You can search for a job on the Find a Job page for jobs near you or you can let new job alerts come to you.
2. Apply for the job
After deciding if the job is a good fit you can apply for the job.
3. Hired
If all goes well with your application and after an interview the parents will hire you.

Babysitter Testimonial

Babysitter Testimonial
The best connection I’ve had on CareFinder has been with a family where I take care of a newborn so the mom can get some work done and spend some extra time with her older son. We’re both from the U.S., and last week during one of the days I was working with her she invited me to eat Thanksgiving dinner with her family the next day. I was so touched, as this was my first Thanksgiving away from home and my family. I have never enjoyed working with a family more.
Find high quality babysitting jobs with CareFinder