How to Find Babysitters

How to find an awesome babysitter in the CareFinder Community

job-icon1. Create a Job

The first step in finding the right sitter for your family is creating a job. You can decide whether you want online or in-person services, the job date and time, desired pay rate and any other relevant details. Increase your chances of finding the perfect applicant by making sure all of our approved sitters can see it.

application-icon2. Receive Applications

Once your job is posted, our high-quality sitters will then be able to apply. After reviewing the applications, you can decide which sitters you think will be the best match for your family.

message-applicants-icon3. Message Applicants

Once you've narrowed down the sitters you're interested in, use our messaging system to learn more about each candidate. You should also use this opportunity to set up an interview.

interview-icon4. Interview

We highly recommend that you conduct an interview with the sitters you are interested in ahead of hiring them for your job. Although we are confident in the quality of sitters in the CareFinder community, selecting one is a very personal decision and, at the end of the day, the sitter you hire is your choice. Interviews can be conducted online via platforms like Skype or Zoom, or in-person, depending on your comfort level.

hire-sitter-icon5. Hire a Sitter

Following a successful interview, the next step is to hire the sitter of your choice! Please make sure the job is properly scheduled on CareFinder to ensure our team is able to assist in the event of any issues and that you are sufficiently covered under our liability insurance.

review-icon6. Pay your sitter

Paying your sitter is simple! After the sitting is complete, your babysitter will send you an online payment request. With just one click, you can complete the payment.

review-icon7. Review the Sitter

After the sitting is complete, make sure to review the sitter. The CareFinder community is one built on trust and reviews help other families find sitters they know they can count on. Plus, we always like to see how well our sitters are doing!

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I posted a job from my mobile phone and immediately started getting applicants for the job. From there I looked through the applicants and set up interviews with the sitters.
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