Benefits of CareFinder

Benefits of CareFinder



CareFinder is an international community built on trust. CareFinder puts each of the sitters through a strict screening process to make sure they are a good match for the CareFinder community. We interview each sitter one-on-one, ensure legal permission to work in Japan, and make sure each sitter is registered with the government.

In addition we provide support for families to help find the right sitter to build a strong relationship with.



CareFinder does not assign any available sitter to you. You have the freedom to choose the right sitter for you and your family.

CareFinder has a wide variety of sitters to choose from. Our sitters are from all over the world with various backgrounds and skillsets. We have native English and French speakers, bilingual sitters, educators, music teachers, anything you could look for.

With CareFinder you can choose a sitter to not just watch over your children, but to bond with them and enrich their lives.



CareFinder has more affordable babysitters than other services. The price that the babysitter charges is exactly what they make. CareFinder does not charge anything on top of their hourly wage. CareFinder only makes the membership fee. Sitting rates start at JPY1500 per hour.

Most babysitter services take a large cut from the sitter’s pay, sometimes up to 70%. If you consider that for each hour of sitting you are paying between JPY1000-JPY2000 to the agency per hour, it is much cheaper pay CareFinder’s membership fee to find the ideal sitter for your family.

Parent Testimonial About the Benefits of CareFinder
I think there is a really great choice of sitters on CareFinder. I was really impressed with the variety... For whatever I needed for my family I felt that we could find the person that we felt was right.
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