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Frequently asked questions

When you become a premium member, you can contact our community of pre-approved sitters, post jobs, message sitters directly and hire anyone you wish to work with. Additionally, any job you schedule through our platform as a premium member is 100% covered by insurance. You also get access to the CareFinder support team whenever you need assistance. For more information on premium membership, click here

When you log into your CareFinder account, it is as simple as clicking the pink "Upgrade Now" button at the top of your dashboard. If you have any questions on how to upgrade, you are also welcome to reach out directly to the CareFinder team at

Yes! We accept individual job payments through the CareFinder site. For more detail on how it works, please click here

We'd be sad to see you go!

Within your MyMembership section, there is a button titled "Downgrade Membership." As long as you do not have any live jobs posted on CareFinder, you are able to cancel your subscription with that button.

To make the process as seamless and simple as possible for both parent and babysitter, and in recognition of our increasingly digital society, CareFinder has moved individual job payments online. For each transaction we are charged a fee by our vendor. To ensure that CareFinder can continue to provide the best experience and service for everyone in our community, we therefore charge a nominal amount of margin on each sitting.

Because our sitters work as freelancers, it is up to each individual to determine specific rates. Please be sure to discuss with the sitter directly when determining price estimates. For a guideline on average prices and additional cost considerations, please click here
The sitter will send a digital payment request shortly after the scheduled sitting is complete. You can choose to accept the payment request or decline and propose a new amount. If the payment request isn't accepted or declined within 24 hours, the amount will be automatically charged to the card you have on file with CareFinder.
If you'd like to arrange for sitters for your business, please get in touch directly with the CareFinder team at We work with schools, salons, event planners, hotels and more and would be happy to help your company with its childcare needs!


With a premium membership, you can view all sitter's profiles, contact them directly and post jobs, which will be covered by CareFinder's insurance. Basic membership is free and allows you to view sitters' profiles and post jobs, but not to send messages or hire sitters. For more detail on membership benefits, please click here

Your monthly subscription payment will be charged on your registered card the same day you upgrade. Each subsequent payment will be processed on the same date of the following month. For example, if you upgrade on March 15, your first payment will be processed that day and your membership will automatically renew on April 15, May 15, etc.

Each sitter is responsible for determining their own cancellation policy. Please check their profile and/or speak with the babysitter directly to understand their policy.

No, you will not automatically be charged. Sitters need to manually send a request for payment, so if there is no sitting, there will be no request!

Parent Testimonial About Costs of CareFInder
Because you can negotiate the hourly rate directly with the sitter the total costs of using CareFinder [including the membership fee] ends up being more reasonable than other sites.
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