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Frequently asked questions

When you upgrade to become a premium member you can contact our screened sitters. You can post jobs, invite sitters to your jobs, message sitters, and hire an unlimited amount of sitters. Any job scheduled while you are a premium member is covered by insurance. Also, the CareFinder team provides you with support before and after the sitting. In order to work with a CareFinder babysitter you will need to maintain premium membership.

You can click on the pink "Upgrade Now" button at the top of your dashboard when you login to your CareFinder account.

Currently we do not support payments through the site, sitters need to be paid directly with cash. However, we plan on adding the option to pay via cash or through the site directly in the future.

Please go to MyMembership section on CareFinder and click on the link that says “Downgrade Membership.” You can cancel your premium membership subscription if you do not have any live jobs posted on CareFinder.

No. CareFinder does not charge any margin on the babysitting.

CareFinder aims to be transparent and honest with the members of the CareFinder community, we only make the membership fees. CareFinder is intended to be more than a babysitter matching site or babysitter agency. It is intended to be an international community based on honesty and trust. Charging a margin goes against our philosophy.

We want to foster strong bonds between families and babysitters. Charging a margin on top of the babysitting symbolically puts us between you and the sitter. We want our families to develop strong bonds with our sitters, so standing in between to families and sitters by charging margin goes against our philosophy.

Sitter costs vary per sitter and what they do. In general sitters costs start from ¥1500 per child. Some sitters charge ¥2000 and more if they are teaching a language. Some charge more per child.
If a sitter is too inexpensive then the quality of sitter usually goes down too.

You pay them directly with cash after the sitting. Please make sure you pay the hourly wage plus transportation.

We have separate packages for English schools, beauty salons, childcare spaces, hotels and event planers amongst other organizations. Please reach out to us to find out how we can help your clients:

Premium members can contact sitters via messages and job posts, they can all so see all sitters on the site. Jobs properly posted will be covered by insurance.
Basic members can view all of the sitters, but message them or invite to jobs.

Parent Testimonial About Costs of CareFInder
Because you can negotiate the hourly rate directly with the sitter the total costs of using CareFinder [including the membership fee] ends up being more reasonable than other sites.