Cost of Babysitters in Japan

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Cost of babysitters in Japan

Cost of Babysitters in Japan


How much do babysitters cost in Japan?

It will depend, but it is easy to find a great sitter at any budget! CareFinder sitters are freelancers, so they are responsible for setting their own rates. 

For a basic sitting, hourly rates begin at about ¥1500 an hour. Sitters with more experience watching children, raising their own and/or additional certifications and qualifications may charge a higher hourly rate. As a note, every babysitter in the CareFinder community has been thoroughly vetted and is required to have experience in childcare. You can be assured no matter the level of experience, a CareFinder babysitter is qualified to help your family!

Considerations that may affect the cost of your babysitter:

Number of Children: Watching more than one child at a time requires more work!

Location: Just as you can expect to pay more for a dinner out in central Tokyo than you might in a rural community, your location may mean a difference in hourly rates. If you want to work with a sitter who will need to commute to reach you, you should also prepare to reimburse for additional transportation needs.

Extra Tasks: As well as taking excellent care of your children, many of our sitters are also happy to do light housework or cooking for your family for an additional fee.

Tutoring: Many families like to use CareFinder babysitters for language tutoring. Given that all of our sitters are qualified caregivers, working with a babysitter rather than a traditional tutor is a very economic way to help your child learn and get some time out of the house!

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