Safety and Babysitters

CareFinder makes sure that children are well cared for

Nothing is more important to CareFinder than the safety of your children

CareFinder has put a number of processes inplace and give CareFinder members tools to make sure that children are well cared for


CareFinder on-boarding process

CareFinder doesn't just let anyone sign up as a sitter on CareFinder. The CareFinder team makes sure that all of the sitters have permission to work in Japan and interviews them. If the sitter is located in the Kanto region they need to come into the CareFinder office for an interview or on Skype if outside of the Kanto region. If CareFinder feels the applicant would not make a suitable member of the CareFinder community CareFinder will decline their application.

Government Registration

Did you know that babysitters that look for work on the internet need to be registered with the government in Japan? It is a new regulation from the Japanese government and CareFinder is one of the few sites in Japan that is properly compliant. We make sure all of the international sitters are registered too.


Babysitting Insurance

CareFinder has liability insurance from Sompo Japan Insurance. The insurance covers accidents such as body injuries and property damage that occur during babysitting jobs scheduled on the CareFinder platform. While the likelihood of such accidents occurring is quite low, the insurance gives more peace of mind to CareFinder users.

Tools within CareFinder to help you find the right sitter

Communicate exclusively throught the CareFinder platform

Check babysitter profiles

Read babysitter reviews

Conduct interviews

Introduce the babysitter to your family

Parent Testimonials about Trust
I have had no issues trusting CareFinder or the sitters on CareFinder. In fact, our experience has been overwhelmingly positive
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