Liability Insurance


Liability Insurance

CareFinder has liability insurance from Sompo Japan Insurance. The insurance covers accidents such as body injuries and property damage that occur during babysitting jobs scheduled on the CareFinder platform. While the likelihood of such accidents occurring is quite low, the insurance gives more peace of mind to CareFinder users.

Examples of what is covered by insurance:

  • If a child is injured by the babysitter while babysitting. The insurance covers not only injuries that occurred in the parent’s home, but also injuries that occurred outside of the parent’s home, such as on the way home from school or while walking in the park.
  • If babysitters accidentally breaks something in parent’s home or on other people’s properties.

The insurance does not cover any property damage by children or parent or any injury or property damage when a babysitter is driving an automobile.

Due to safety reasons, CareFinder prohibits babysitters from riding bicycle with children (Mamachari).

The below criteria must meet in order to be eligible for insurance:

  • The parent must be a current premium member (paying member) on CareFinder.
  • The accident must have occurred during a job that was correctly scheduled on the CareFinder platform with the babysitter that was hired on CareFinder.

Please make sure that you correctly post jobs with specific job start and end date and time. For regular jobs, please specify job days and times too.

The insurance will not cover jobs which were directly agreed upon by parents and babysitters without using CareFinder. To receive insurance coverage please make sure that you correctly post jobs and schedule jobs with babysitters on CareFinder.

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