Tips for the Sitting Day for Parents


Tips for the Sitting Day for Parents

Tips for the Sitting Day for Parents

When welcoming your babysitter for the first time, ask them to come 10 or 15 minutes early for orientation and to discuss any other details. It is very important that you be thorough in explaining any specific needs or directions regarding your child or household, and with answering any questions the sitter has — especially if you will not be home or nearby when leaving your child with the babysitter. Once you've left, the sitter will need to rely on the information you've shared in making quick decisions when necessary. At the very least, you won't want your date night interrupted by numerous questions! Below are some general things you should prepare in advance of using a babysitter. This list is not exhaustive but is meant to serve as a starting point and inspiration ahead of a sitting job.

Please provide for the babysitter:

  • Emergency Contact. Prepare at least two emergency contacts.
  • Schedule for the Day. When you will be back, your children’s schedule for the day, babysitting schedule for the day.
  • Keys. Even if the babysitter isn't planning on going out with your children, it’s a good idea to give a set of keys to the babysitter in case of emergency.
  • Locations. Where child care is to take place, off-limits rooms, etc.
  • Appliances. How to use the heater/air conditioner, how to use the TV/entertainment systems, etc.
  • Emergencies. Location and content of the first-aid kit, health insurance card, etc.
  • Other. How/whether to answer the phone, how to deal with visitors, deliveries, etc.

We also suggest that you put any valuable or sentimental items away in advance of a sitting. While all of our babysitters are well-vetted and trustworthy, in our years of experience we've found that it's helpful to avoid even the hint of trouble!

For Your Children

  • Formula
    • When you last fed your children and how much.
    • Next scheduled feeding, feeding interval and other related details.
    • How much your children drinks, milk temperature, washing bottles, sterilizing bottles, etc.
  • Meals/Snacks
    • Recipes, meal times, cooking methods, plates and utensils.
    • What foods your children likes/dislikes.
    • Allergies.
    • What to do with leftovers.
  • Bathroom/Toilet
    • Diaper storage, use, accessories.
    • How to dispose of dirty diapers.
    • Your children’s bathroom habits.
    • Whether or not the sitter should accompany potty-training children to the bathroom or wait outside. 
  • Bathing
    • Bath time.
    • Bath facilities, accessories (soap, towels, etc.).
  • Clothing
    • Closets/drawers.
    • What to do with dirty clothes.
  • Sleep
    • Nap time, bed time.
    • Your children’s bed/sleeping habits.
  • Play
    • Your children’s favorite toys.
    • Family rules concerning TV, video games, etc.
    • Walks, outside play (place, time, etc.)
    • Stroller, outdoor clothing, etc.
  • Health Care
    • Your children’s current health status, mood, other information.
    • Any specific directions regarding administration of medication
  • Other Matters
    • Any non-care related requests.
    • Other particular matters, requests.
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