Community Media Submission


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Community Media Submission

CareFinder values your part in our community, and our online presence should reflect that. So, we’re starting a call for media submissions to feature on our social media and website! Do you have achievements, cultural activities, or meaningful CareFinder experiences to highlight? Great! Let’s celebrate it together. As a thank you, you’ll receive a gift worth ¥1,000 for each media submission that we publish (see Incentives). You can also submit photos of you with your families/sitters (be sure to get their permission first!) and we’ll send a gift to both you and the family!


  • Sitters: ¥1,000 via Stripe
  • Families: 1,000 points

How To Submit:

  • Email submission:
  • What to include:
    • Your display name
    • Family/Sitter display name (optional):
    • Context/Description for media
    • Attached image/video

Example Submission:

Hello! I am a parent submitting a photo/video to share on CareFinder’s social media and website.

Your display name: Yoshiko M.

*Family/Sitter Display name: Ava R.

*If the media also includes your family or sitter, add their display name here

Description/context for media: Here is a photo of my daughter (name/age are optional) with her babysitter at her first day of international school! We are excited for her to continue studying English.

[Attach photo/video here]

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