For Parents Looking for Babysitters


For Parents Looking for Babysitters


CareFinder is much more reasonable than traditional babysitter employment services. With CareFinder you save because there’s no middleman taking a huge cut of the pay between you and your babysitter.

The babysitters registered with CareFinder provide their rates on their personal profiles. It’s up to you to use that rate as a guide to find a sitter in your price range. From there, the entire fee negotiation is between you and the sitter.


CareFinder attracts numerous talented and motivated babysitters because of our approach. Looking for sitters who can take care of newborns? How about sitters who are fluent in two languages? You can find just the skill set you’re searching for.

CareFinder is a Japanese/English bilingual website. That’s another reason we can attract babysitters with the talents to help your child learn both Japanese and English from an age where it will benefit them for many years to come.


You would never leave your child unattended with “just anybody.” Your child’s safety is your number one priority, and it’s the same for us. That’s why CareFinder offers a number of different ways to check the backgrounds of the babysitters you’re thinking about employing.

Using our babysitter search function, you can see detailed information on every sitter registered with us. Who has what certifications and when they were obtained. Special experience or expertise, too. You can see it all before you narrow down your candidates. Our review system is another way you can learn about the actual performance of babysitters registered with CareFinder.

CareFinder interviews all babysitters on top of their ID check before approving their registration. If you feel the need to, you can conduct face-to-face interviews with potential babysitters, which can be scheduled through our messaging system. This is one more layer of security and certainty to make sure you’re little one is in good, reliable hands.

* See Safety Matters for more about babysitter reliability and security.
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