Benefits of CareFinder For Babysitters


Benefits of CareFinder For Babysitters


As a babysitter on CareFinder you can decide your own schedule. You can register your weekly schedule onto your profile under the MyCalendar function. This helps you find jobs that fit your schedule. No longer will you need to rearrange your schedule for the jobs that an agency has chosen for you. Also, you can select jobs that are close to you. Have you ever had an agency send you across town for a 1 hour job? Experience that no more with CareFinder as you can limit your coverage area to where you live. Finding the right babysitting jobs has never been easier.


You set your own wage based on your skills, experience, and certifications. No need to worry about an agency taking a large cut of your pay. Potential employers take your requested wage into consideration before they contact you. Once a potential employer makes contact, the final price negotiations are up to you. Once you and the employer find the right price, you’re good to go!


When you find a family with a job that meets your background and schedule, before actually doing the job, we recommend that you meet with the parents. After meeting with the family, the parents will send a “hire” notification to you through CareFinder. Ultimately, it is your choice if you want to accept the position.

* For more details on this process, please see the “How it Works” section of CareFinder.
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