Babysitter Registration Process


Babysitter Registration Process

CareFinder requires babysitters to confirm their identity by submitting a copy of an official ID and we hold an interviews with all babysitters.

Step 1

Please register from the babysitter registration page. You will receive a “New Babysitter Registration” email to your registered email address.

Step 2

From the link in the New Babysitter Registration email from CareFinder, please continue to input your registration details such as your desired hourly rate, available services, etc. Please also upload your photo ID that shows your name, address and date of birth.

Types of Acceptable ID:

  • Driver’s license (include a copy of the back side if you address has changed)
  • Passport (photo page)
  • Resident’s card (Jumin Hyo, issued within the past three months)
  • National ID card (Juki card)
  • Residence card
  • Non-Japananese Nationals need to present valid visa

From April 1st, 2016, all babysitters need to register withtheir local government:

If you already registered to the government, please upload the proof from “GOVERNMENT REGISTRATION INFORMATION” field.If you are not registered yet, we will explain the details of goverment registrationafter your CareFinder registration.

Step 3

After registering with CareFinder, we will contact you within five business days via phono call or email to confirm your registration details and set up an interview date. CareFinder conducts face-to-face interviews with sitters if they are in the Kanto region. We will explain the detail via email.

Step 4

If you have passed the CareFinder interview, your profile will be madeavailable on the CareFinder website and you can startusing CareFinder to find high quality babysitting jobs.

* If you change your address, name, or other personal information, please resubmit your changes and updated identification as soon as possible.
* We follow the rules and policies of the Private Information Protection Act of Japan for all private information we receive from our members.
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