How to Pay Your Babysitter


How to Pay Your Babysitter

In order to pay a sitter you need to have a properly scheduled job with the sitter.

1. Click on the “Create a Job” button to enter the details of the job for which you would like to hire a sitter.

2. Enter the remaining job details

3. Confirm job details.

4. Invite desired sitters.

5. Sitters apply.

6. Once you have discussed the job with sitter/s, you can send the sitter you choose an offer.  


7. If they accept the offer, your job is officially scheduled.

8. Directly after the scheduled sitting time, the babysitter will send a payment request. You will get an email and/or SMS notice that the sitter has requested payment.

When you access the page, you will be prompted to pay the sitter.  

There is a 5% platform fee for paying through the site. 10% sales tax is applied to this 5%.

If you ignore this prompt, you will be charged after 24 hours. After this you have paid the sitter! ☺



You can confirm payouts to babysitters by checking the “My Payments” section of CareFinder. 

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