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37 reviews
Average: 5 (37 votes)
Japanese, English, Spanish
¥2,000 ~ 2,500 Accepts Online Payments
4 years

Hi my name is Rosa. I am half Peruvian and half Japanese. I speak fluent English and Spanish and conversational Japanese. I am flexible in using whichever language is preferred to the family.

I am a recent graduate of Sophia University and have been babysitting kids of all different ages for 4-5 years. I used to teach dance classes to children's (from 8-11) and also have experience taking care of kids with down syndrome. In Japan I had the opportunity to work for a big number of different families; babysitting kids from 5 weeks old up to 12 years old.

I enjoy seeing kids grow and develop their talents and abilities and love if I can make their days fun and memorable! Equally I like to give parents the confidence and trust that they need to leave them without any concerns or worries when leaving the house or visiting Japan for the first time.

Also because of COVID and because many parents may be worried about happening a stranger at home I will start giving out dance and Spanish lessons online for those who may be interested!

Please if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them any time :)!

I am looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children!

Hola! Mi nombre es Rosa y soy peruana japonesa. Puedo hablar Español, Ingles y Japones( nivel de conversación) y estudio en la universidad de Sophia en Tokyo. He tenido experiencia enseñando baile a niños de 8-11 años y también cuidando a niños de apartir de los 6 meses o mas. Espero poder cuidar de tu hijo o hija pronto! :)

こんにちは!ロサです。ペルーと日本のハーフです。スペイン語、英語と日本語をちょっと話せます。いまはSophia 大学に行ってます。高校生の頃8から11歳の子供にダンスを教えてました。そして、3歳〜の子供のベイビーシッターをしました。よろしくお願いします!


35 reviews
Average: 5 (35 votes)
Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~ 3,000 Accepts Online Payments
Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa
10+ years

I am a Japanese/English speaking 50-year-old-female with two high teens, from Bunkyo-ku.

I started babysitting when I was in high school in US. I used to live in Canada when I was in an elementary school. I lived in the US when I was in HS and graduated a college in the US. After my marriage, I moved back in US in 1999 until 2011.

Both of my kids are born in US and went schools. My older child just graduated from an international school in Tokyo and attends a college in San Antonio, TX.

My experiences are volunteering and chaperoning to field trips and events at my children's schools since they were in preschools to current. Volunteering includes leading art class, story book reading, introducing my cultural background, and library organization, classroom mom, graduation committee, and school event helper .

I worked at Tokyo Disneyland for one and a half years. I really enjoyed having to mingle with international (including Japanese) visitors and their children trying to find out their needs at the moment within a very little time and make them happier.

*As long as there's public transportation available, I am available early morning and/or late night.

* I am allergic to cats and dogs.

*Because I am involved with both of my children's PTA committees, I am currently only taking one time or occasional jobs.

*Because I would like to keep your precious child in my eyesight at the whole time, I do not do stove top cooking, but I can use microwave if necessary.

*I am also a certified caregiver at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Hospital/Juntendo University and Hospital Family Support program.

*My rate is 2000 JPY/hour for one child and 2500 JPY/hour for two plus transportation fee to/from Myogadani Station (12 min from Tokyo Station) on Metro Marunouchi Line.


I am a Japanese/English speaking around 50 female with two teens, from Bunkyo-ku. I went to an elementary school in Canada for two years and later went to a high school and graduated college in US. My experience in babysitting started when I was in high school.










32 reviews
Average: 5 (32 votes)
Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,500 Accepts Online Payments
3 years

Hi. My name is Kei.
I speak Japanese and basic English.
I studied English for a month in Sydney,Australia.
I was working at nursery school for 2 years.My class was 1 and 2 years old children.
I was swimmer and lifesaver.I had swimming lessons for 20 years.
I was teaching swim to 6~12 years old children.So i can teach swim.
I learned physical education at university.So i like physical activity.
I can do crafts and go to park with children.
I play energetically and safety with children.
Looking forward to spend fun time with your children!!


Yu N

22 reviews
Average: 4.9 (22 votes)
Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~ Accepts Online Payments
Saitama, Tokyo
6 years

Hello. I love kids. So I worked pediatric and daycare center as a nurse. And then I've studied English in the USA as an au pair. I took care of newborn baby girl and 15months old baby boy. Also I was a babysitter of 4months twins and 5 years old girl, 9 years old boy. I've took care of newborn to around 10years old. I love to dance, sing a song, doing craft with kids. And I love to walk with kids too. Because we can smell flowers, we can run, we can do anything. I can take care of all ages. Please let me know If you have questions.
Looking forward to working with you.

Please notify me a few days in advance for cancellation.
The day before cancellation will be 50% of sitting fee.
12 hours before sitting 75%.
Cancelled within 12 hours 100%.



22 reviews
Average: 4.8 (22 votes)
Japanese, English
¥2,500 ~ 2,500 Accepts Online Payments
2 years

I am Marah.
I have been living in Japan for three years.
I speak English and conversational Japanese.

*During the state of emergency in Japan, I'm available for English tutoring or any educational entertainment using video platforms(SKYPE or ZOOM)*

In my country, I used to assist teachers in kindergarten from 3-6 years old as I organize their things, give attention and instruction and feed them at break time.
I took care of my one-year-old nephew, preparing his milk/meals, diaper changing, bathing, teaching him new words, playing with him, and putting him to sleep.

Now I am English (home)tutoring for Japanese families, the children ages from 1-7 years old. I also play with them at the park, prepare their meals, and change diapers.

I love kids! I take care of them as if they are my family. I love teaching them while they are having fun. Looking forward to taking care of your angels!😊✨




現在、私は日本で​子供向けに英会話の先生をしています。年齢は1歳から7歳までです。 その際、公園で遊んだり、食事を準備したり、おむつを替えたりもします。

私は子供が大好き! まるで自分の家族のように世話をします。子供達には楽しんでもらいながら英語を教え、保育を行いたいと思っています。 あなたの天使と出会い、お世話をさせて頂ける日を楽しみにしています!😊✨

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