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María Fernanda

10 reviews
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Japanese, English, Spanish
¥2,000 ~ 3,000
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo
4 years

Hello! My name is María Fernanda, I'm from Chile and I am currently living in Osaka; I'm planning to stay here for at leasts 6-8 months.

I came to Japan to put my Japanese in practice and learn a bit more. Even though I studied Japanese in university I still need lots of practice every day, which I'm doing now.
I also studied English and Portuguese.

In my free time I love doing outdoor activities, such as hiking, going to the park, countryside or travelling; I also love cooking, watching films and meeting with friends.

I really like children; playing with them, learning from and with them and coming up with new fun ideas to share.

I consider myself an easygoing, reasonable and nice person.

I have worked as a babysitter for 4 years, with children from 2 to 6 years old and I think with hard work, patience, love and responsibility, children in my care would be in competent hands.

Some of the tasks I have done while babysitting are:

- meal preparation and cleaning involved
- help with homework
- crafts and arts projects
- games
- audiovisual inputs
- roleplaying
- bedtime stories
- bath time
- playing outside (park, etc)

I would say I am a dog lover, but I like cats also, so I'm fine with both.

I hope we spend a fun time together and I look forward to hearing from you!

Hola, mi nombre es María Fernanda, soy chilena, viviendo en Osaka por al menos unos 6 u 8 meses.
Vine a Japón a practicar el japonés, ya que aún necesito mucho estudio para mejorar. Soy traductora inglés-japonés y además hablo portugués.

Mis hobbies son hacer deporte, las actividades al aire libre, cocinar, ver películas y salir con amigos.

Me gustan mucho los niños, jugar con ellos, enseñarles y a la vez aprender de ellos.

Me considero una persona amistosa, amable, responsable y confiable.

Tengo experiencia trabajando como babysitter; lo cual he hecho durante 4 años. En Chile cuidé a 2 niños de entre 2 y 6 años. Pienso que con amor, paciencia y trabajo arduo, los niños que estén bajo mi cuidado estarán seguros y en las mejores manos.

Algunas de las tareas que desempeñé mientras trabajé como babysitter, son:

-cocinar y limpiar lo relacionado con la cocina y juegos
- actividades manuales y artísticas
- juegos
- ayuda con las tareas de la escuela
- interpretar personajes
- leer cuentos
- hora del baño
- jugar fuera de la casa (parque,etc)

Me encantan los perros, pero no tengo problemas con los gatos, ya que me gustan ambos.

¡Espero que lo pasemos bien con los niños y pueda conocerlos pronto!

Olá meu nome é María Fernanda, sou chilena e moro em Osaka, Japão. Eu penso ficar aqui pelo menos por 6-8 meses.

No Japão espero praticar meu japonês porque ainda preciso de muito estudo. Estudei tradução inglês-japonês e também falo português.

No meu tempo livre gosto de fazer atividades esportivas, viajar, cozinhar, assistir filmes e ver amigos.

Gosto muito dás crianças, jogar com elas, aprender com e de elas.

Acho que sou uma pessoa amável, responsável e carismática.

Já trabalhei como baby sitter por 4 anos, cuidando de crianças de 2-6 anos de idade. Penso que com amor, paciência e trabalho árduo, as crianças que estiverem sob minha responsabilidade, vão estar seguras e em boas mãos.

Algumas das tarefas feitas quando trabalhei como babysitter foram:

- cozinhar comidas e limpar aquilo relacionado ao trabalho feito
- ajudar com trabalho da escola
- jogos
- ler contos de criança
- atividades artísticas
- ir ao parque ou jogar fora de casa

Eu adoro os cachorros mas também gosto dos gatos. Não tenho problema algum com eles!

Espero que em breve possamos conhecer-nos.

今日は!はじめまして、私はマリアフエル ナンダです。チリ から来ますした。

英語 と スペイン語 とポルトガル語はよく話せます。


子供がとても 大好きですから、一緒に色々な生活をすることができます。たとえば、ゲームを遊んで、歌うって、公園へ行きます。



外に、家の中に何でも 遊んでいる

ペットも好きです、だから、猫と犬 大丈夫です。




7 reviews
Average: 5 (7 votes)
Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ Accepts Online Payments
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo
10+ years

I have 16 years experience taking care of sick children aged between 0 and 18 year old, and as a part time worker I have worked at a day care center. I have some opportunities taking care of american girl whose parents were out with their business trip or duty. During the time, I supported her of homework, let her taking bath and read books for her going to sleep. I am bilingual in English and Japanese, was born and raised in Osaka, and relocated to Nishinomiya. I have a 18 years old son who I have raised. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children.
I have wide range of interests, such as DIY, hand crafts, sports activity, history, watching films, and also taking care of cats.

What I can do:
Activities Paper craft for simple crane to complicated card models for both girls and boys. Crochet such as the hair dress or the small mascot. Enjoy crossword puzzles with your children.
Cooking: Japanese, Chinese or Italian food, Acqua pazza is my best. I can cook something sweets too.
If you live near my place, I can go along with your children for shopping, such as Hankyu Nishinomiya department store and shopping moll.
Cat shitting: I'm a owner of three cats with good health conditions. I have a chance to go along with dogs if they accept me.

小児の保育に関する経験:小児科に16年(0歳児から 高校生まで)、保育園で保育支援と病後児保育、月に1回程度の夜間の小学生を対象にした訪問保育の経験があります。また、長男は現在高校三年生でほぼ一人で子育てをした経験があります。大阪生まれ現在西宮市在住、阪神間から京都まで対応可能です。
英検準1級、TOEIC900 TOEIC S/W 130/130


6 reviews
Average: 5 (6 votes)
¥1,500 ~ 2,500 Accepts Online Payments
4 years

Hello everyone! My name is Aprille and I am from the Philippines. I am studying Nihongo and doing freelance work as an English teacher. One of my passion is to work with children since I really like and love being with them.

For me, this is the most rewarding job because I can be able to nurture them with love, knowledge and wisdom that I personally have. Being with children makes me excited in a way that I can learn from their perspectives and in return they can learn from me. I hope to meet as many children as possible in the future.

I have four years of babysitting experience. As babysitter, I maintain a flexible schedule with weekend and night availability and have an experience of helping preschool age children with homework while utilizing games, reading and other activities to engage them accordingly.

Number of children at a time: one child if they are 6 year old and younger.



4 reviews
Average: 5 (4 votes)
Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,000 Accepts Online Payments
Kyoto, Osaka
4 years

Hello, my name is Ruri!
I speak both Japanese and English fluently.

I was born and raised in the United States but transferred into a Japanese college, from which I graduated in September (2019). I am looking to spend time hanging out with kids!

In high school, I found my passion for working with & creating relationships with children! I volunteered for a local non-profit organization that provided educational programs and other opportunities for low-income families. I volunteered in the kids' section, doing arts and crafts activities and reading books to the kids (1st to 5th grade).

In college in the US, I worked part-time as a teacher's assistant for an early childhood program (HeadStart) for 2 years. My main role was to support the teacher in everyday activities such as breakfast/snack time, arts & crafts, reading, and outdoor play with children 3-4 years old.

Additionally, for 3 summers, I worked as a summer camp counselor for elementary school children. I served as a leader for twenty 1st/2nd graders, doing art & science projects as well as sports/outdoor games.

In Japan, I worked as an English tutor for a 4th and 7th grader, for 2 years. I mainly worked on English conversation skills but also I helped them with their schoolwork and preparation for proficiency tests.

(I have no problem with cats and/or dogs.)

I look forward to hearing from you!








Kay V

4 reviews
Average: 5 (4 votes)
¥1,500 ~ 3,500 Accepts Online Payments
Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka
10+ years

I'm an English Teacher and I'm currently learning the Japanese language. I've been providing supervised care to children ranging from 7-months to 14-years since 2008. I care about children's safety and well-being and I'm First Aid certified to provide primary emergency care. I can plan and engage children in both fun and educational activities. I like reading with and to children. I also enjoy simple DIY science experiments (if permitted by the parents) such as using water, oil and honey to build density towers. I can also provide homework help and tutoring in English and Mathematics. I can care for dogs and cats too while babysitting. Feel free to contact me about a potential booking.


べサニー Bethany

2 reviews
Average: 5 (2 votes)
Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara
10+ years
Currently, this babysitter is busy and is not taking any new jobs.
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Hello! My name is Bethany. I am from America, but I moved to Kobe in order to study Japanese because I have an interest in Japanese culture. I have several years of experience as a babysitter, predominately with elementary/middle-school aged boys. However, on Saturdays I teach English to children ages 4~12. Because my classrooms have as many as 6 children at a time, babysitting multiple children is okay. I enjoy arts and crafts, and planning activities, but because I’m a serious student, I am strict about homework. I can cook various cuisines, but I’ll be careful about your children’s nutrition. I've also had pets like cats and dogs, so I don't mind doing pet care either.
My prices listed are per child and depending on the services you request may result in extra fees. However, if you'd like me to babysit more than one child, I will happily apply a discount. Because my schedule is often changing, let's negotiate! I look forward to meeting you!




2 reviews
Average: 5 (2 votes)
Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Kyoto, Osaka, Nara
3 years
Currently, this babysitter is busy and is not taking any new jobs.
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Hi! I’m Hinako. I was born and raised in Nara. I speak Japanese and fluent English. I lived in Dublin for 15 months and came back here at the end of 2018.
I have 8+ months experience as au pair looking after a baby boy(15 months to 2 yo) when I was in Dublin. We usually went to parks together or did readings, drawings, toys, a bit of ukulele and chatting lots. It was a most precious experience that I had there with such a lovely family.
I’ve also experienced as a child reminder (3 months to 4 yo) several times for my sister, niece & nephew, neighbours.
I can talk with your children in either Japanese or English...or even both!

Please feel free to talk to me first. Very look forward to the opportunity to take care of your children soon :)

-I have a strong allergy to cats. No problem with dogs.





2 reviews
Average: 5 (2 votes)
¥1,500 ~ 2,500
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo
10+ years

I am Debby, I love cooking, dancing, singing and I make female clothes. I have taken care of kids when I was staying with my sister and I was in charge of taking care of kids in church. I have worked with kids of ages 2-6yrs and helped my elder sister take care of her four kids I can help kids play, dance and sing.


2 reviews
Average: 5 (2 votes)
Japanese, English, French
¥1,500 ~ Accepts Online Payments
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara
4 years

English :

Hello and welcome in my profile ! My name is Salma and I am from Tunisia ! I will be glad to spend time with children as I love them and I enjoy taking care of them of course with respecting the way their parents want them to be raised ! I also have an experience with babysitting : I took care of my cousin's daughter (2 years) for four years. She was a very active girl so I had to distract her all the time. We did a lot of activities together like drawing, playing, goin to the park,playing indoor sports, etc. I also took care of my sister's baby (1 month) by feeding him, taking him in my arms until he fall asleep, changing his diapers etc.. I also love animals so much and I have two cats in my country.


مرحبا ! اسمي سلمى وانا من تونس يسعدني قضاء الوقت مع الأطفال لأني أحبهم وأستمتع برعايتهم بالطبع مع احترام
الطريقة التي يريد والديهم أن يربوهم بها! لديّ أيضًا تجربة مع العناية بالأطفال: اعتنيت بابنة عمي (سنتان) لمدة أربع سنوات. كانت فتاة نشطة للغاية لذلك كنت مضطرةً إلى صرف انتباهها طوال الوقت. لقد قمنا بالكثير من الأنشطة معًا مثل الرسم واللعب والذهاب إلى الحديقة وممارسة الألعاب الرياضية ، وما إلى ذلك. كما اعتنيت بطفل أختي (شهر واحد) كنت أطعمه وأخذه بين ذراعي حتى يغفو ، كما كنت أغير له الحفاضات. كما أحب الحيوانات كثيرا ولدي قطتين في تونس.


Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon profil! Je m'appelle Salma et je viens de la Tunisie! Je serai contente de passer du temps avec les enfants, car je les aime et j'aime prendre soin d'eux, bien sûr, tout en respectant la façon dont leurs parents souhaitent qu'ils soient élevés! J'ai aussi de l'expérience avec le babysitting: je me suis occupé de la fille de ma cousine (2 ans) pendant quatre ans. C'était une fille très active, alors je devais la distraire tout le temps. Nous avons fait beaucoup d'activités ensemble, comme dessiner, jouer, aller au parc, faire du sport, etc. Je me suis aussi occupé du bébé de ma sœur (un mois) en le nourrissant, en le prenant dans mes bras, en lui changeant ses couches, etc. J'aime aussi beaucoup les animaux et j'ai deux chats dans mon pays.

こんにちは! わたしはサルマです! よろしくおねがいします!


1 review
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¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Osaka, Hyogo
3 years
Currently, this babysitter is busy and is not taking any new jobs.
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Hello, my name is Jessica and I am from Sydney Australia. I am living in Osaka on a working holiday visa and I am loving it.

I have a strong passion for working with children of all ages and really enjoy it. I have over 3 years formal experience working in paid positions with children in after school care programs. I have experience working both with 0-5 and 5-12 year old children. I also have personal experience looking after younger family members and baby sitting for family friends.

I have significant experience working with children who have additional needs, for example children who experience autism. I am passionate about working to ensure all children can access the community and enjoy their life.

I would love to get to know your children and have fun together. Some activities I get most excited about are painting, cooking, playing with slime and kinetic sand, building with construction Toys and creating things with loose parts play. I also love being I nature and swimming which is definitely a great activity in the upcoming heat of summer.

I am passionate about child led and interest driven play and think it's extremely important for children's development. I want children to be able to take the lead in making decisions about what they want to do whilst also being safe with a caring babysitter who can set boundaries for them.

I am really excited to get to know you and your children and help them with their discovery and exploration of the exciting and beautiful world that they live in. I look forward to hearing from you.

はじみまして じしかです いろしく おにがいします

Tiffany S.

1 review
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¥2,000 ~ 4,000
Kyoto, Osaka
5 years
Currently, this babysitter is busy and is not taking any new jobs.
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Howdy there! My name is Tiffany and I am from Missouri, USA. I currently live in Takatsuki-shi. I have been living in Japan for two and a half years now. I am not bilingual, but I can speak a little Japanese.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, baking, painting, photography, science experiments, teaching, reading, and writing Eikaiwa curriculum. In the states, I used to care for cats, dogs, and horses! So if you have any animals, I would look forward in taking care of your furry pet! When the weather is nice, I enjoy going to flower gardens and being in nature. I studied art education at college in America.

If you are looking for a tutor for your child in English or if you are wanting to help them be a bit more immersed in English, please contact me! I would also be willing to do English lessons for your child(ren) for extra cost. In my spare time, I help lead an Eikaiwa, and would be more than happy to help create an event for you and friends or for some kind of family project. I am capable of working with newborns, but I would feel more comfortable with 6 months and older.

Looking forward to meeting you!



1 review
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Japanese, English
¥1,000 ~
Osaka, Hyogo
1 year

I’m Nana, fourth grade student of the university in Kobe . I live in Nishinomiya. I have an experience to study abroad in the UK for about one year and still now I study English. My hobbies are playing the piano, listening to music, dancing, watching films and traveling. I have practiced playing the piano for 11 years sand dancing for 4 years. I can play and teach playing the piano and dancing with your children. I would like your children to enjoy music and dance together. I have one niece who is 3-year-old and one nephew who is 12-year-old. I began to play drawing and playing balls with him about four times a year 3 years ago. I have taken her to restaurants, shopping malls, and aquariums about four times a year since 3 years ago. Nice to meet you!



1 review
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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 2,500
8 years

Hi ;)
My name is Bounlai I'm 29 years old, I live in Osaka now, I'm very happy to found This work because I love kids and love to spend time with the kids very much, i have 1 and half year experience working in international kindergarten and the best experience for me is taking care of my siblings, I have 2 younger sister and we are different 6-8 years and my Parents were busy so I help them to take care my younger sister, and the other experience is I help my Aunts taking care of my cousin that was the most happiest time for me :)

Thank you and have a nice day ;)

Your sincerely.

Xin chào các phụ huyn em tên là BounLai hoặc có thể gọi tên em là : Na, năm nay em đã 29 tuổi.
Hiện giờ em đang sống tại OSAKA, em chọn nghề làm chị nuôi vì em rất thích trẻ con, Em có kinh nghiệm rất tự tin là em đã giúp Bố Mẹ chăm sóc 2 người em ruột và chăm sóc anh em họ con của Bác gái Bác trai và hơn nữa thì em đã từng làm giáo viên tại trường mầm non bên Nhật hơn 1 năm.
Ở bên trẻ con em tiếp thêm được năng lực và sức sống vì trẻ con rất hôn nhiên, ngây thơ và rất đáng yêu, thế nên em mong là em sẽ có cơ hội được gặp và làm quen với các con mong là sẽ sớm gặp cả gia đình.

Chúc cả nhà một ngày vui vẻ.

Xin chân thành cảm ơn.


はじめまして ブライと申します。
日本人夫と結婚して 5年になります

中国語 タイ語 ベトナム語 ラオス語 英語を話すマルチリンガルです。


1 review
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¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo
2 years

I am Mai from Vietnam. I speak English, Vietnamese and a little Japanese.

At present, I am assigned as a teacher assistant at English campus held by high school, to assist in creating an all-English atmosphere for school girls.
I have had experiences in babysitting as well as English teaching, which include:
・Take care of my two nephews who were 6 and 4 years old for 2 years; Play games and do outside activities with them in English.
・Teach English to children aged 9 years old and up for 3 years.
・Open classes for 2 years for groups from 5 persons to help them in English communication and grammar.

I love trees and appreciate natural things. I believe each kid is a tiny sprout that needs water in the own way.
Looking forward to talking more with you!

Chào anh chị, em là Mai.
Em bắt đầu dạy thêm hướng dẫn tiếng anh cho các em học sinh từ khi là sinh viên năm 2 đại học.
Vì sống cùng gia đình anh trai nên em thường chăm sóc và chơi với hai cháu trai, sử dụng tiếng Anh.
Hiện tại em đang tham gia trợ giảng cho dự án tiếng Anh của trường trung học nữ sinh Takii.
Rất mong có dịp trao đổi thêm với anh chị.
Em cảm ơn!



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Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~
5 years
Currently, this babysitter is busy and is not taking any new jobs.
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Hi, everyone!
My name is Shoh. I hope see you all soon!

・I'm a bilingual male in Japanese and English. (married, 30 years old)
・I have 5 years of experience working for child care industry (age1-12 years old) both Australia and Japan.
・I've played soccer since 5 years old til 25 years old. I've played Pro, Semi-Pro or Amateur level in some countries such as Australia, Netherlands, Portugal, England and Ireland.
・If you ask me [want to play soccer, rugby, baseball etc] I can help you as much as I can for sure!
・I will be a father for daughters of twin in July 2019 so I'll be a parent like you all!

Looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children as soon as possible!


Parent Testimonial About Variety

Parent Testimonial About Variety
I think there’s a really great choice of sitters on carefinder. I was really impressed with the variety, I mean we had young people, older people, bilingual people, people who spoke English natively, Japanese natives, so for whatever I needed for my family, I felt like we could find a person that was right. So, I was really impressed right from the beginning.
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