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Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo
10+ years

I have 16 years experience taking care of sick children aged between 0 and 18 year old, and as a part time worker I have worked at a day care center. I have some opportunities taking care of american girl whose parents were out with their business trip or duty. During the time, I supported her of homework, let her taking bath and read books for her going to sleep. I am bilingual in English and Japanese, was born and raised in Osaka, and relocated to Nishinomiya. I have a 18 years old son who I have raised. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children.
I have wide range of interests, such as DIY, hand crafts, sports activity, history, watching films, and also taking care of cats.

What I can do:
Activities Paper craft for simple crane to complicated card models for both girls and boys. Crochet such as the hair dress or the small mascot. Enjoy crossword puzzles with your children.
Cooking: Japanese, Chinese or Italian food, Acqua pazza is my best. I can cook something sweets too.
If you live near my place, I can go along with your children for shopping, such as Hankyu Nishinomiya department store and shopping moll.
Cat shitting: I'm a owner of three cats with good health conditions. I have a chance to go along with dogs if they accept me.

小児の保育に関する経験:小児科に16年(0歳児から 高校生まで)、保育園で保育支援と病後児保育、月に1回程度の夜間の小学生を対象にした訪問保育の経験があります。また、長男は現在高校三年生でほぼ一人で子育てをした経験があります。大阪生まれ現在西宮市在住、阪神間から京都まで対応可能です。
英検準1級、TOEIC900 TOEIC S/W 130/130

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1 review
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English, French
¥1,500 ~ 2,500
Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Ehime
7 years

My name is Celine, I am a 26 years old French woman. I graduated from the French Red-Cross school and I was a nurse for four years. I have worked with new-born children, ill children and adults, and elderly people.

I always liked to take care of others and I like contact with children. I have been babysitter since I was 15. At the beginning, I looked after the neighborhood's children or family friend's children. I have regularly kept several children (new-born up to 12 years old) and built strong bonds with them through various activities and games. For 3 years, I took care of two girls (6 and 10 years old) every Saturday at their home. I helped with their homework, at bath time, cleaned the house and made many activities (creative or sportive) with the children.

During my studies, I worked with children (3-6 years old) who had communications difficulties (language, comprehension, concentration). I made activities with them, to learn easily and step by step. These moments and children have taught me a lot. At the hospital where I was employed, I often worked in the pediatric unit, in contact with babies or young children and their family. I can take care of your sick child as needed.

I am living in Kansai for a year, and I have already visited Japan three times. I have family here so I know some songs in Japanese for kids, but much more in French! I can talk French and English, my Japanese level is actually a greeting level. I am looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children with the smile and a good mood !


Bonjour, je m'appelle Céline, j'ai 26 ans. Originaire de l'ouest de la France, je suis infirmière depuis plus de 4 ans. J'ai travaillé dans des services où je prenais en charge des enfants (nouveaux-nés jusqu'à 16 ans), des adultes ou des personnes âgées, en situation d'urgence ou non.

Je fais du babysitting depuis mes 15 ans, où j'ai commencé à garder les enfants des voisins ou d'amis de la famille. J'ai gardé des enfants âgés de 1 mois jusqu'à l'âge de 12 ans régulièrement. Durant 3 années, je me suis aussi occupée de deux filles (6 ans et 10 ans) chez elle, tous les samedis de 7h jusqu'à tard la nuit. J'aidais à faire les devoirs, à prendre le bain, à nettoyer la maison, à cuisiner. Nous faisions régulièrement des activités manuelles ou sportives ensemble.

Durant mes études, je me suis occupée d'enfants (3-6 ans) ayant des difficultés de communication ou d'apprentissage. J'ai mené avec eux de nombreuses activités pour leur permettre de se construire et d'apprendre facilement et à leur rythme. Cette expérience et ces enfants m'ont appris énormément de choses.
Lorsque j'exerçais en tant qu'infirmière, j'ai souvent travaillé dans des services pédiatriques, avec les bébés ou enfants (jusqu'à 16 ans) et leur famille. Je pourrais prendre de soin de votre enfant s'il est malade.
Je suis ici pour un an mais je connais déjà quelques chansons en japonais, mais bien plus en français ! J'ai hâte de pouvoir vous rencontrer ainsi que vos enfants !


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English, French
¥2,000 ~ 3,000
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo
3 years

Hi, I am Titou. I am a French babysitter and I propose my assistance in Osaka. I am a bilingual in French (native level) and in English language (fluent and business level). I have 5 years experience as a kindergarten in France and two years experience as babysitter for an english couple. In addition, I am a PhD graduate student in science so I can also offer some afterschool lessons . I am very responsible, serious and motivated when I work in children environment. If you are interested by my profile and you want contact me, please send me a mail for a first meeting/interview. Looking forward to have the opportunity to meet you and take care of your children.

Bonjour, je suis Titou. Je suis français et je propose mes services de babysitter dans la zone d'Osaka. J'ai été animateur en centre de loisirs pendant 5 ans (titulaire du BAFA) et pendant 2 ans j'ai gardé des enfants les week-end. Je suis bilingue (Français et Anglais). Je peux proposer aussi des cours de soutien scolaire après l'école dans le domaine des sciences car j'ai été professeur auparavant (titulaire d'un doctorat en science). Je suis responsable, serieux et motivé dans un environnement de travail avec des enfants. Si mon profil vous intéresse, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. J'espère avoir le plaisir de vous rencontrer et de pouvoir prendre soin de vos enfants.


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べサニー Bethany

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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara
10+ years

Hello! My name is Bethany. I am from America, but I moved to Kobe in order to study Japanese because I have an interest in Japanese culture. I have several years of experience as a babysitter, predominately with elementary/middle-school aged boys. However, on Saturdays I teach English to children ages 4~12. Because my classrooms have as many as 6 children at a time, babysitting multiple children is okay. I enjoy arts and crafts, and planning activities, but because I’m a serious student, I am strict about homework. I can cook various cuisines, but I’ll be careful about your children’s nutrition. I've also had pets like cats and dogs, so I don't mind doing pet care either.
My prices listed are per child and depending on the services you request may result in extra fees. However, if you'd like me to babysit more than one child, I will happily apply a discount. Because my schedule is often changing, let's negotiate! I look forward to meeting you!



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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Osaka, Hyogo
5 years

Thank you for checking my profile.
I’m an English speaking babysitter living in Hyogo.

I was born and raised in Hyogo, Japan.
I graduated from University of Hawaii at Manoa and lived in Hawaii for 6 years.

I have been working as an English teacher for 4 years.
Since I love being with children, I wanted to learn more about childcare, so I studied child care, and got a license of nursery teacher.
I had worked at the international kinder-garden as an assistant teacher, daycare staff, and Japanese teacher.

I love to craft, so I can craft with your children:)
I'm looking forward to seeing you!






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