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36 reviews
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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,500 Accepts Online Payments
3 years

Hi. My name is Kei.
I speak Japanese and basic English.
I studied English for a month in Sydney,Australia.
I was working at nursery school for 2 years.My class was 1 and 2 years old children.
I was swimmer and lifesaver.I had swimming lessons for 20 years.
I was teaching swim to 6~12 years old children.So i can teach swim.
I learned physical education at university.So i like physical activity.
I can do crafts and go to park with children.
I play energetically and safety with children.
Looking forward to spend fun time with your children!!



8 reviews
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Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~ Accepts Online Payments
6 years

Hi, everybody! I'm Jonathan. Currently I'm the English Teacher at a Japanese speaking kindergarten in Minato Ward.

I moved to Japan March 2015. Before that I spent 2 years in Korea at an elementary and middle school as the English Teacher. Before that in 2011 I started teaching English to children of visitors from South Korea. Since coming to Japan I've worked at English Conversation Schools and Nursery Schools.

Currently I am working at a Japanese kindergarten and teaching private English lessons. I've been working with small children since my arrive in Tokyo March 2015.

My hobbies include watching Japanese dramas, eating out and spending time with my church brothers and sisters. Watching Japanese dramas has been a big help in helping me retain what I learn in my formal study environment. I enjoy dining on different cuisines Tokyo has to offer. My church friends are my biggest support in encouraging me to continually striving to reach my dreams in becoming the best English teacher I can be!

I enjoy going to the park with children and watching them play on the playground equipment or run around the grassy areas as well as running with them, releasing their energy. While indoors I enjoy playing board games or any make believe games they teach me.

I also enjoy playing with dogs and cats!







Dr. Champagne

14 reviews
Average: 4.8 (14 votes)
Japanese, English
¥2,500 ~ 3,500 Accepts Online Payments
Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa
10+ years

Hello, everyone! My name is Miss Champagne and I am from the USA. I have been working for eleven years and ten months in education in Japan, as an English Teacher/Babysitter, Pre-kindergarten classroom teacher, and a Kindergarten Teacher. Currently, I am completing my PhD in Education, so I create exciting native English games and activities for younger learners to do. I can teach/babysit children from age newborn to age 12. I am conversational in Japanese, so you and your children will be able to communicate with me!
As an English Teacher/Babysitter, I have experience babysitting 1-year old twin girls and their older sister. My duties included: changing their diapers, feeding the babies, dressing them, help rehabilitating the babies when the nurse visits the home, and assisting their mother when we visit the hospital. I teach their 5-year old sister after she returns from her English international kindergarten. I tutor her in English and then we play games and have dinner afterwards.
As a Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Teacher, I taught ages 3 to 5. During circle and lesson time, I taught children phonemic awareness, writing their numbers up to 20, developing fine motor skills, singing and dancing, ensuring the children developed social skills with their classmates, feeding them healthy snacks and lunches, and cleaning up any accidents the children may have had. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your children!
*Cancellation fee: Please give me at least two days (1 day at the most) of you need to cancel. If you cancel on the day then you will need to pay 100% of the normal babysitting fee. If I cancel on the day, then you will only pay 50% for the next babysitting job I do. Thank you.



*キャンセル料:キャンセルが必要な日を少なくとも2日間ください。 当日キャンセルした場合、通常のベビーシッター料金の100%を支払う必要があります。 ありがとうございました。
*キャンセル料:キャンセルが必要な日のうち少なくとも2日(最長で1日)ください。 当日キャンセルした場合、通常のベビーシッター料金の100%を支払う必要があります。 私がその日にキャンセルした場合、あなたは私が行う次のベビーシッターの仕事に対して50%だけを支払うことになります。 ありがとうございました。


6 reviews
Average: 5 (6 votes)
Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ Accepts Online Payments
10+ years

Hello. Currently, I live in Ginowan, Okinawa, and offer high-quality child-care service. My childcare service is officially registered at the Ginowan city office.

I am bilingual in English and Japanese. I am specialized in Early Years education. I worked as a Montessori teacher and Kindergarten teacher for over 15 years in London, Chiang Mai, and Naha.

While I was studying in London, I was a live-in nanny. I looked after children aged between 1 and 5. I was also regularly babysitting and tutoring for some families for many years, and I have kept in touch with them! I also have experience working in a daycare center with babies and toddlers. My only experience with newborn babies is supporting my sister when she had twins. During school holidays I helped a private holiday art club for primary school children.

Thanks to my rich teaching experience, I can offer a wide variety of activities for your children. Playing outside and art and craft activities can be done regularly. I am good at connecting school curricula such as Mathematics, Literature, Science, and Social Studies into practical fun activities. For example, cooking can offer such rich learning to young children. We can write a recipe together, make a shopping list, go shopping and enjoy simple cooking. For younger children, we can always go into nature and practice their counting; I/eye spy colors, drawing and writing in sand, etc. learning opportunities are unlimited through play. I've always enjoyed reading great books with children. I'm very experienced with phonics teaching. I can support children’s homework upon request.

Yes, I love children of all age groups. They make me smile and laugh! I can build a rapport with young children easily because I know how to communicate with respect and have fun with them. In order to help children feel safer in my care, I offer to meet you and your children before babysitting. This can be done online, but preferably face to face.

* Cancellation Policy*
Cancellation on the day of babysitting: 100% charge
Cancellation 1-3 days before the day of babysitting: 50% charge

**During the pandemic, the above cancellation fee does not apply when it is canceled due to ill health or/and Covid 19 related matters. **

I look forward to hearing from you.





2019年11月から保育料無償化の対象施設としての手続き済みです。また、宜野湾市に認可外保育施設(個人)として登録済みです。ベビーシッターのサービスを受けるにあたって、お住まいの自治体から子育て支援を利用できる時代です! ぜひご活用ください。








幼稚園で教えていた経験を生かし、様々なアクティビティーに対応可能です。例えば、外遊びや図画工作はもちろんのこと、レシピを一緒に考えたり、お買い物に行って材料をそろえ料理をすることもできます。基本的に、お子様の興味に合わせて、お子様が楽しいと感じる活動を取り入れています。お子様の国語、算数、理科、社会の課外学習にも繋がるような実践的な学びの機会を設けるのが得意です。幼児の場合でも、自然の中で数える練習をしたり、色や形を探したり、砂場で字や絵を書いてみたりなど、遊びながら学ぶことをサポートします。 もちろんただ単に「遊びたい! 走り回りたい! 虫取りをしたい! 」という要望でもOKです。必要であれば、宿題のサポートも致します。



私は子どもが大好きです。子ども達と一緒にいると自然と笑顔になります。 レビューを読んでいただくとお分かりになると思いますが、お子様はすぐに私と打ち解けてくれます。ただ、お子様によっては人見知りをする場合もあります。お世話をする当日にお子様が少しでも安心できるように、事前に顔合わせをするお時間をいただけるようにご協力をお願いしています。場合によっては、オンラインでの対応もしています。



Tiffany N

5 reviews
Average: 5 (5 votes)
¥1,500 ~ 3,500 Accepts Online Payments
Tokyo, Kanagawa
10+ years

Hi. My name is Tiffany. I am a preschool teacher looking to do baby-sitting around Tokyo or Kanagawa area. I have over 10 years experience teaching students in U.S.A. and Japan. I have many play to learn lesson ideas and children books. I am also familiar with children songs. I enjoy doing arts and crafts as well as science experiments with children. I grew up raising two younger sisters ((who are 5 -10 years younger than me)). Diaper changing and cooking are also fine. I am OK with any kind of pet. Big or small dogs, cats and even reptiles are fine! I have experience caring for all kinds of animals.

A little about me: I am from New Jersey and NYC. My native language is English. I can also speak basic Japanese and read hiragana/katakana. I know just a few kanji. I have been living in Japan for almost 13 years. I love to teach children and I love animals. I grew up caring for two much younger sisters. So, I think I still have the big sister kind of personality. My main trait is patience. I train in Martial Arts. I like to try new cooking recipes. My Grandmother was Polish, so I like to make Polish food and cookies too. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your family!


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