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Free group zoom sessions

Join CareFinder's FREE Group Zoom Sessions!


Group Zoom sessions are a fun way for your children to play, learn and interact with others, as well as for your family to meet our awesome babysitters! Each session will last around 30 minutes and will be led by a CareFinder babysitter who is also offering one-on-one services. See below for details on dates, times and activities and be sure to check this schedule frequently for newly added sessions!



Date & TimeDescriptionAge Group*Sitter
Monday, July 13 @ 4 p.m. Join Jonathan for reading and phonics perfect for young English learners!3 - 6Jonathan
Monday, June 29 @ 4 p.m.  (English) FULL!3 - 6Candace
Thursday, June 18 @ 4 p.m.English (with some Japanese help!) FULL!3 -6 Mark
June 8 

(English) FULL!

6 - 9 Coco
Friday, June 5 @ 2 p.m.

 (English) FULL!

 4 - 6 Marta
May 29 (Japanese/English) FULL! 3 - 5Miki
May 28 (English) FULL! 3 - 6 Champagne
May 21  (Japanese/English) FULL! 3 - 6Marion
May 22 (EnglishFULL! 4 - 7 Jerica
May 25 (English) FULL! 3 - 5Candace
May 26  (Japanese/English) FULL! 3 - 7Reina

*Age groups are suggestions! Each child will be different, so use your best judgment based on content.


If your family would like to participate in a FREE group Zoom session with CareFinder, RSVP at the button below and we'll send you information on how to join. 

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