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I am 26 years old, civil engineer from Egypt and came to Japan with my daughter and husband who is doing his PhD at the University of Tokyo.
Spending time with children is my hobby which I enjoy and have great interest in. I have a 2-years-old beautiful daughter and 4 nieces and nephews aged between 5 and 10 years old. I have experience in baby sitting children aged from 0 to 10 years old. I love Montessori activities and I make felt quiet books for children at different ages with many fun games and educational activities. Please refer to the pictures in my profile.

As a mother I have interest in Montessori life style for children. I spend time learning about it and I try to apply it as much as I can with my daughter and I can do the same with your children if you would like so. In the future I intend to have a diploma in Montessori.
I take care of your children the same way I want others to treat my own daughter;
- ensuring their safety, having healthy meals, and enjoying their time in a good way for their development.
- I love crafts, making accessories, and colouring. I enjoy sharing these hobbies with children. I even made special colouring sketches for my nieces and nephews which they enjoyed very much. I also encourage kids to draw beautiful pictures.
- For babies 0-12 months old, I can create photoshoot setups to capture photos every month of their development. I attached some photos from photoshoots I took for my daughter.
- I can take children to nearby playgrounds and watch them well.
- I can help children with their homework.
- I engage children in food preparation and only give them easy and safe tasks.
- I can give your children online lessons in Arabic and English Languages.

I am looking forward to looking after your children.


I have experience with children aged between 0 and 10 years old. Including my daughter, nieces, nephews, children of my friends, and clients in Japan. I play with children, feed them and help them with homework. I make quiet books for kids and arrange different Montessori activities for them

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  • Online Lessons
  • Pick up children from
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  • Care with foreign language
  • Homework help
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I prepare Montessori activities for the children


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She was kind, polite and the best sitter I've ever come to my house. She brought a lot of toys for my daughter. And she was taking care of my daughter, always thinking about safety. She is a very reliable sitter. I want her to come again.

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She was really nice and professional. I totally recommend Fatoma:)

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Fatoma is very polite and friendly person. As a mother herself, she is really passionate about childcare and helping children to learn in fun ways. Fatoma is really into doing Montessori learning activities and making lots of crafts. We believe that Fatoma will make a great sitter for any CareFinder family!

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