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Summer in Tokyo: rainy season activities

Summertime in Tokyo: Rainy Season Activities

As much as we wish every summer day in Tokyo was a beach day, the reality is that a sizable chunk of the season is going to be overcast and damp. Rainy season in the city usually kicks off around mid-June and lasts about a month, meaning many outdoor pastimes will need to be put on hold for a few weeks.
However, rainy days do not have to be spent stuck at home, with ornery, bored kids. Tokyo is packed with rainy season-appropriate things to do. We've put together a list of some to check out below!
Grand Tree
Sadly, a rainy day doesn't mean your errands disappear. At Grand Tree, you can knock out all kinds of shopping in an environment specifically designed for families. It's a CareFinder favorite!
Filled with jungle gyms, climbing walls and toys galore, Asobono is a perfect indoor playground to let little kids loose for an hour or two.
Aneby Trim
Trampolines, building blocks and toy ships keep the kids busy at this indoor playground in Odaiba.
Sunshine City Sky Circus
In addition to the stunning 360* views from 250m above ground, there are thrilling virtual reality "rides" and interactive art installations.
Pasela Resorts Karaoke
Everyone loves karaoke! Pasela has rooms and song selections specifically tailored to kids' tastes, in addition to fun costumes for dress-up.
Asakusa Batting Stadium
For the yakyu lover in your life, the Asakusa Batting Stadium is a perfect distraction from bad weather.
Peki Peki Bouldering Studio
Keep the kids from climbing the walls at home by taking them to this fun bouldering gym! It's great physical and mental exercise.
Work up a sweat at this trampoline gym, or practice aerial moves at the facility's special area for gymnastics, cheerleading, skiing or snowboarding.
it may be too late to sharpen your skills ahead of next summer's Olympic Games, but table tennis at T4 is still a fun way to pass a rainy day.
Hitting a movie theater during the rainy season once or twice is a no-brainer. Indoor entertainment with popcorn! Below is a quick list of kid-friendly flicks scheduled for release over the rainy season.
All Ages
- Aladdin (7 June)
- Children of the Sea (Kaiju no kodomo) (7 June)
- Ugly Dolls (22 June)
- Toy Story 4 (12 July)
- Pokemon the Movie: MewTwo Strikes back the Evolution (12 July)
For Older Kids
- Godzilla King of the Monsters (31 May)
- Spiderman: Far From Home (28 June)
- MIB International (14 June)
Drum Museum
Let the kids expend some energy and make a whole lot of noise while they learn a thing or two about the history of percussion.
Tokyo Toy Museum
"Museum" may be used a bit loosely here, this three-story indoor play place has a giant collection of toys from all over the world.
Fire Museum
This free museum is a great destination for all ages. Younger children can play dress up and "ride" in a mock firetruck and older guests can learn about the history of firefighting in Japan.
National Museum of Nature and Science
Who doesn't love seeing life-size dioramas of stuffed animals in the wild or full-scale dinosaur bones? Bonus: students in high school or younger get in free.
Cup Noodle Museum
The Cup Noodle museum is a fun way to learn about food - specifically, as it's name implies, instant ramen! You also can create your own ramen, with more than 5,400 possible flavor combinations.
Whether it's too wet, or too hot and humid, to be outside this summer, there are still plenty of opportunities to have a good time. And, of course, if you need a hand with the kids, CareFinder's community of highly qualified, bilingual babysitters is always here to help. Find your sitter today.
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