How a Mother's Helper Can Change Your Life Today

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How a Mother's Helper Can Change Your Life Today

How a Mother's Helper Can Change Your Life Today

Ever feel overwhelmed with the millions of tasks you have to balance every day? Of course you do! What mother doesn't? Raising children in Japan can be challenging with busy schedules and overflowing childcare facilities. If you're an expat, add in the challenges of language barriers, unfamiliar cultural customs and lack of relatives nearby who can support you. Without a doubt, parenting in Japan is no walk in the park. So, cut yourself some slack and don't hesitate to ask for a helping hand!


A nanny or babysitter can give you back the hours in the day you need to catch up on your to-do list. But if a full-time nanny feels excessive or too large a commitment, you might want to consider hiring a Mother's Helper.

What is a Mother's Helper?

A Mother's Helper's aim is quite simply put, to help mom (or dad!). They help out a parent or family needing extra care with their children while the parent is at home. Often, families with multiple children will hire a Mother's Helper to ensure that all children, small and big, are well taken care of. While mom is feeding the baby, a Mother's Helper can play with the older children or even help them out with their homework. In addition to playing with the children, a Mother's Helper may also assist with light housework and errands. They are great for families with newborns or even pregnant mothers. A growing number of parents also use Mother's Helpers to work from home.


Why hire a Mother's Helper rather than a nanny or a babysitter?

Often, stay-at-home parents who need extra help request Mother's Helpers rather than a full-time nanny or babysitter. This is because a babysitter focuses primarily on the children’s needs while a Mother’s Helper focuses on the mother’s. Unlike a standard babysitter, Mother's Helpers will take care of household tasks that you're unable to complete while you're watching your newborn and/or children. If you are looking for a person to support you and the household more than the children, you might want to consider hiring a Mother's Helper rather than a nanny or a babysitter. If you need someone to primarily focus on and care for the children, you are probably looking for a babysitter.


How Mother's Helpers can change your life

There's a reason why people often say being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Parenting involves being a part-time counselor, nurse, janitor, cook, driver, clown, mind-reader and many more all on far fewer hours of sleep than what your doctor would recommend. Sometimes, it's a wonder how parents manage to hold on to their sanity. Mother's Helpers can take some of these responsibilities off your plate, allowing you to focus on the responsibilities that you prefer or feel specifically require your attention.


For parents working from home, Mother's Helpers ensure that you still get the benefits of working from home-- flexibility and spending more time with your family-- while being able to concentrate and produce high-quality work.
A Mother's Helper can also continue working with your family as your children grow older and become a long-term babysitter for your family. This way, you build a close relationship with a future babysitter who really knows you and your children.

Why you should get a Mother's Helper on CareFinder today

The primary reason parents hire a Mother's Helper is to make their family's life easier. Thus, the process of finding and hiring a Mother's Helper shouldn't complicate your life. With CareFinder, it's easy as 1-2-3. CareFinder is a one-stop-shop for all of your babysitting needs including Mother's Helpers. With a Premium Membership, you can view candidates' experience and skills before you message and hire Mother's Helpers all on one platform. You can also hire multiple Mother's Helpers to ensure full coverage and flexibility for your family and receive any support you might need along the way from the CareFinder team.


In addition, with CareFinder's extensive screening process, you can be sure of the safety and quality of their sitters and Mother's Helpers. The CareFinder team makes sure that all of the sitters have permission to work in Japan. If the sitter is located in the Kanto region, they need to come into the CareFinder office for an interview or on Skype if outside of the Kanto region. If CareFinder feels the applicant would not make a suitable member of the CareFinder community CareFinder will decline their application. All sitters on CareFinder are registered with the Japanese government and have extensive childcare experience prior to joining the community. Just for extra peace of mind, all accidents such as bodily injuries and property damage that occur during babysitting jobs scheduled on the CareFinder platform are covered by liability insurance from Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance.
With babysitters from over 60 countries, CareFinder babysitters are from all over the world and speak multiple languages. Hiring a multilingual Mother's Helper can not only provide your child with the opportunity to pick up a new language or hone in on their skills in asecond language but also provide you with the opportunity to practice your Japanese or get extra help grocery shopping or paying the bills, which are often extra confusing in a foreign country with an alphabet that is nothing like yours.

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