Hiring a babysitter, it's easy as 123

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Hiring a babysitter, it's easy as 123

So you've posted a job on CareFinder, what now?
First, make sure that you invite sitters to your job post in order to increase your job applicants. Whether the job is Public or Invite Only, you always have the option to invite individual babysitters. For Public jobs, all babysitters are able to search your job and contact or apply to the job if they are interested in it. However, by selecting to invite babysitters, you will increase your job visibility as invited babysitters will receive a notification.
But for Invite Only and Individual jobs, you must select babysitters to send job requests to. If you’re posting an Individual Job, you must select one babysitter to send an invitation to. You can narrow down your search of babysitters to send invitations to by checking through the list of requirements. The babysitters you sent the job request to will be shown in your Invited Babysitters list on the Job page. The Invited Babysitter list is only viewable by you, the job owner.

1. Receive Applicants and Message

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Now you will receive applications from quality babysitters that CareFinder has carefully interviewed and selected to join the CareFinder site. You will be pleasantly surprised by the calibre of sitters that respond. From these applications you can see which sitters you think would be the best match for your family. After looking through the applicants to your job you can go ahead and message the ones you think would be best suited for your family. Get an idea of the price they charge and then you can decide on which ones you want to meet.

2. Schedule an Interview

After messaging the sitters, please set up an interview. We highly recommend that you do it face-to-face; also, if you can, introduce the sitter to your family. Although, we are confident in the quality of sitters in the CareFinder community, selecting a sitter is a very personal decision and, at the end of the day, the sitter you hire is your choice. We have suggested interview questions on the CareFinder website to help guide you.

3. Hire on CareFinder site

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After the interview, select the sitter that best meets your criteria and gets along with your kids. Make sure you've agreed on a rate and transportation fees. Once you've done so, view your job post from the CareFinder site. When you scroll down the page, the applicants will show up at the bottom of your job post. There will be a "Select me" button next to the applicants. Select the sitter you've agreed to work with. Once your sitter accepts the job through the site, the job hiring process is complete!
Please always make sure the job is properly scheduled on CareFinder to have insurance coverage. If it is a Regular Job, you can set a schedule up to six months out. However, if it is a One-time job, you will have to create a new job when you use the same sitter again in the future.
At CareFinder, we are committed to meeting all of your babysitting needs whether you are looking for just an evening babysitter, an international babysitter, a hotel babysitter, a weekend babysitter, an overnight babysitter, a great au pair or a summer babysitter. If you have any questions or need any guidance with the job hiring process, please contact the CareFinder team. We are happy to help!
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