How do I post a job on CareFinder?

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How do I post a job on CareFinder?


Not sure how to post a job on CareFinder? Let us show you how!


Step 1 

Once you’ve logged in, click “Create a Job” from your CareFinder page.


Step 2

Job Type 2

Decide on Job Visibility: There are 3 job visibility types that determine which babysitters can or can't see your job post: Public, Invite Only, and Individual. Take a look below to see what is different about each one.

A Public post is only viewable by Registered CareFinder babysitters. This will allow you to receive the maximum responses from babysitters interested in applying to your job.
You are also able to invite sitters that you wish to apply for your job.
*For public jobs we currently have a "Money Back Guarantee" campaign. If your public job doesn't receive any applications after a week from the post, we will refund your monthly membership fee.

Invite Only:
An Invite Only post is only viewable by the babysitters you have chosen to invite to the job.
Perhaps you have worked with a few sitters before and wish to use one of them again but not sure of their availability. Inviting them to an Invite Only would be the best way to find out who can do the job.
Don't worry, if no one is available, you can edit the post at anytime to a Public post to increase applications.

An Individual post is meant for sitters you have already interviewed and are ready to hire.
By creating an Individual post you are able to skip the normal hiring process. This allows the babysitter to receive a job offer and instantly accept it. 
An Individual post is not meant for sitters you have yet to interact with on CareFinder and wish for them to accept a job right away. In this case, please create an Invite Only job post to get the sitters attention and see if they are available for your desired dates.


Step 3

There are 2 options for job periods for you to choose from: Regular and One Time Jobs. Take a look below to see what is different about each one.

One Time Job:
Planning a date night with your partner? Or maybe you need an extra hand on a particularly busy day. Select One Time Job if you are only looking to hire a babysitter for a special occasion on a set date. Since your date is already set, go ahead and input the start/end date and times you’d like to hire a babysitter. You can also decide until what date and time you’d like your job post to be available for potential babysitters to view and apply to. This helps potential babysitters know about when you will be making a decision on who got the job.

Job D One Time 3


Looking for an after school nanny or a foreign language tutor? Select Regular if you are looking to hire a babysitter on a regular basis and at a set schedule. Be sure to select both the time period in which you want the babysitter to work for you as well as the days of the week and hours on those days. For example, if you are looking for a babysitter over the summer holiday, you might select 06-15 as your start date and 08-25 as your end date. Like you did with a One Time Job, you are asked to select until what date and time you’d like your job post to be available for potential babysitter to view and apply to.

Job D Regular

Job D Regular Sch



Step 4

Select Hourly Rate:

Hourly Rate 4

The Hourly Rate should be the range of fees you are willing to pay for the job. You can use the sliding bar to set the minimum and maximum amount you are willing to pay.


Step 5

Select Location of the Job:

Location 5


Step 6

Select the Number of Children you want the babysitter to look after and specify their gender and age range.

Number of Children 6


Step 7

Write a Job Title and Description:

Description 7

A good Job Title is both short and descriptive. Listing keywords from your job description is a great way to catch potential babysitters’ attention while also filtering out babysitters who do not fit the description. A good example is “Azabu-juban, 5 and 8 year old girls, pick up from bus stop and looking after at their home.” In the Description, write out what the job entails. For example, “looking for someone to pick up my daughters from the bus stop after school everyday. Need that person to help the girls with homework and cook dinner as well. Japanese and English babysitter preferred.”


Step 8

Optional Details:

Optional Details 8

At CareFinder, we offer a wide variety of babysitters in order to meet all of your babysitting needs. If you have additional preferences in a babysitter like language ability, flexibility to travel, or the ability to cook and helpout with light housekeeping, this is your chance to specify. When you have selected all of your preferences, go ahead and hit the Preview Job button at the bottom of the page.


Step 9

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Once you’ve approved the Job Preview, your job will be posted to the site and you will be moved to the Send Job Request page.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 15.29.37
Here, you can invite specific babysitters to apply for your job. Whether the job is Public or Invite Only, you always have the option to invite individual babysitters. For Public jobs, all babysitters are able to search your job and contact or apply to the job if they are interested in it. However, by selecting to invite babysitters, you will increase your job visibility as invited babysitters will receive a notification.

But for Invite Only and Individual jobs, you must select babysitters to send job requests to. If you’re posting an Individual Job, you must select one babysitter to send an invitation to. You can narrow down your search of babysitters to send invitations to by checking through the list of requirements. The babysitters you sent the job request to will be shown in your Invited Babysitters list on the Job page. The Invited Babysitter list is only viewable by you, the job owner.


And there you have it! It’s nice and simple. As a Premium Member at CareFinder, creating a job post only takes about 2-3 minutes of your time. You can also always edit your job post at a later time if you have any changes you’d like to make. In addition, at CareFinder, Premium Members receive Premium Care from the CareFinder staff which means we will help you with any problems you may have including maximizing your job applications and quality of care from the babysitters you choose to hire.

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