What is a Premium Membership?

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What is a Premium Membership?


When you upgrade to become a Premium member you can contact our screened sitters. You can post jobs, invite sitters to your jobs, message sitters, and hire an unlimited amount of sitters. Any job scheduled while you are a premium member is covered by insurance. Also, the CareFinder team provides you with support before and after the sitting. While Basic (free) members can view all of the sitters on the site, they cannot message or invite them to jobs like a Premium member can.


In order to become a premium member, all you have to do is click on the pink “Upgrade Now” button at the top of your dashboard when you login to your CareFinder account.



At CareFinder, we are committed to meeting all of your babysitting needs whether you are looking for just an evening babysitter, an international babysitter, a hotel babysitter, a weekend babysitter, an overnight babysitter, a great au pair or a summer babysitter. Upgrade to Premium membership in order to post jobs and message babysitters, guarantee safety through babysitting insurance and unlimited support from the CareFinder team!

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