Disaster Preparedness in Japan: Tips for Your Family

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Disaster Preparedness in Japan: Tips for Your Family


It's that time of year again! No, we're not talking about Back to School season (though we do have some tips for you on that, too).

It's our annual reminder to make sure your family is prepared for disaster! Sounds scary, but being prepared is actually one of the best ways to not be scared in the event a disaster actually occurs. And September 1 marks "Disaster Prevention Day" in Japan, a day meant to both commemorate the Great Kanto Earthquake, which occurred on September 1, 1923, and to serve as inspiration for people in Japan to ensure their households are ready for earthquake, tsunami, and other disasters, natural or otherwise.

CareFinder shares a rundown on the basics every year, so you should check out our previous articles here and here.

This year, we're also sharing a list of upcoming events and/or ongoing opportunities to learn more about preparing your family for disaster. See below!


Tokyo American Club

Disaster Awareness Day

Sept. 18

This event is open to members of the club and their guests (so if you are not a member, ask your friends who are!). It's led by the Azabu Fire Department first responders and also features an earthquake simulator.

Japanese Red Cross Society

Assorted Training Courses


The Red Cross is known internationally for being a resource in the aftermath of natural disasters, as well as a place to turn for education in preparation for them. The Tokyo chapter of the Japanese Red Cross Society offers courses on first aid, water safety, and more, all of which are helpful skills to have in advance of a disaster. They also offer a Disaster Prevention Seminar for large groups.

Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

Disaster Preparedness Experience

Multiple Dates

Designed specifically for foreigners, the Disaster Preparedness Experience is a little less than two hours long and will cover earthquake, fires, smoke, and general first aid. It's also free! The next event is scheduled for Saturday, September 17.

Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

Experience & Learning Centers


This place has it all. The Experience Center will give you a front-row look at how the 72 hours following a disaster may unfold. And the Learning Center is filled with information and artifacts that will help your family learn more about disaster preparedness.

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