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CareFinder statement on Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

At CareFinder, we believe Black lives matter.
When we started this company seven years ago, one of our primary goals was to cultivate a diverse community. It is so important to expose children to a variety of cultures, backgrounds and experiences. That the differences between us are to be embraced and celebrated is one of the most important lessons we can teach our children.
The racism that is woven into the fabric of United States' society, and in societies around the world, is not something that CareFinder can solve. The obstacles Black people face are systemic and require solutions outside of our capabilities as a small, family-run company in Tokyo.
But we do resolve to do our part. We will continue to bring together families and babysitters from all over - our community represents more than 60 countries, dozens of languages, races and ethnicities - and we will continue to ensure our own hiring practices reflect this commitment, as well.
We cannot claim to fully understand the depth of discrimination and oppression faced by Black people. But as parents of two, mixed-raced children in Japan, we have seen what it is to be considered an outsider in your own home. For the sake of our children, and the many children in the CareFinder community, we will do all we can to create a future free of prejudice, bigotry and racism.
Black Lives Matter. 
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