Back-to-School Prep Tips for the Whole Family

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Back-to-School Prep Tips for the Whole Family


While it seems like summer just started, the truth is that school will be back in session again, sooner than you may think! The last year-and-a-half has been a bit... different, with many online classes and lots of masking. We're hoping this fall will bring a return to "normal" and wanted to share some tips for preparing your family for back-to-school!

Daily Routines

Summer break is always a little looser, schedule-wise, than when school is in session. To get everyone — including you! — back in the swing of things, start easing into your daily routines now. Implement bedtimes, create time for summer projects or assignments that can be leveraged for homework in a few weeks and encourage getting up earlier now so morning wake-ups aren't such a battle later.

You can also start meal-prepping on Sundays so that breakfasts and lunches are simpler tasks to tackle during the week. Get the whole family involved in recipe development and execution and it becomes a bonding activity as opposed to a chore! These bento prep ideas are not only delicious, they're also inexpensive and healthy.

Family Calendar

In the same vein as creating a daily routine, it's a good idea to put together a calendar overview of everyone's activities and appointments. Knowing what's coming up later in the week, or the following week, or next month is obviously very important to ensuring everyone gets where they need to go on time.

A simple whiteboard calendar is the perfect base. Differentiate between family members or activity types using colorful markers or fun magnets!

After-school Planning

Even if you're still on "WFH" status, dropping everything to pick up the kids after the school day or sports practice ends may not be feasible. Once you have a handle on day-to-day routines and extracurricular schedules, you'll need to plan for the logistics — including drop-off and pick-ups. Arranging carpools with other parents is one way to divvy up the driving duties.

We also recommend using a sitter to wrangle the kids after school. The kids will be picked up on time and you can also take advantage of the childcare and supervision if work runs late, you have errands to run or otherwise need an extra set of hands. Additionally, many CareFinder sitters are qualified to tutor or provide homework help in many different subjects! Find the best sitter for your family here.

Set the Tone

A new school year can be a time of excitement, anxiety, dread or some combination of the three, for your kids and maybe even for you. We've shared tips before for helping your kids stay engaged with learning all school year - and beyond. Check them out here to help set the tone for the year ahead!

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