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Keep kids excited about learning

Keep Kids Excited About Learning All School Year Long

Back to School is always an exciting time for kids. New teachers, new classmates, new school supplies and new clothes help to make the return to routine and homework a much easier pill to swallow. The novelty helps to propel them happily through the first few days and weeks.
But what happens when the "newness" wears off? How do you keep your kids excited about school and learning when there are more tests and projects than new pencils and notebooks to distract them?
Kids that are excited to learn, learn better, so we've rounded up some simple tips for keeping kids engaged in their education all school year.
Be a Role Model
Children, especially younger ones, are constantly looking to their parents for cues on how to react in situations. The more that you can model excitement about learning, the more your kids will emulate it. Not only should you continue to ask questions about their school day, but also seek out other opportunities to express enthusiasm about education. Find news articles, documentaries, books or other things to share that showcase your curiosity and inspire your children to seek out new information, as well.
Give Kids a Breather
We all want the best for our children, so scheduling tutors, music lessons, sports practice, art classes and more outside of their school day is a common way to try to give them a leg up in life. Unfortunately, all of these extracurricular activities can have a negative impact when we burn our kids out and they begin to dread every extra appointment on their calendar. Be cognizant of their schedules and check in for feedback on their energy levels.
Create Homework Space
If you've ever tried to work from home, you know that it's much easier to focus and stay energized about the tasks on your plate when you have a dedicated space to do it in. It's the same for kids. Set up a space for homework and projects (and let them have input into styling it!) so that they're still motivated to get them done, even in November. Parents has some good "Homework HQ" ideas. 
Take Field Trips
There are a lot of ways to camouflage learning inside of fun activities; field trips are one of them! Since you're staying on top of the things your children are doing in class, you can plan weekend trips to fun places that reinforce what they're learning. There are tons of traditional and out-of-the-box destinations in Tokyo, from interactive digital art spaces to samurai museums, that sneak in lessons during an engaging day trip.
Be Realistic
Kids are humans, too, and they are going to have bad days, no matter how they feel about their teachers or classes. Let them have it! It is better to allow for time to decompress and chill out than to try to force enthusiasm, which could end up just reinforcing a grumpy mood. Give them space and work with them to reset; they'll be back on track in no time.
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