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Mary B

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¥1,500 ~ 3,000 Accepts Online Payments
7 years

Hello! My name is Mary and I love kids! I can speak English and Tagalog. I am a licensed teacher majored in English. I basically grew up taking care of my brother and younger cousins ages from 1 year old to 6 year old. I watch over them when their parents go to work, bathe, take them to schools and even attend events at their school. When I was in university, I also took care of kids as my part time job, I helped them with their homework and played with them.

I have a three year teaching experience in the Philippines to junior high school students and I have also been teaching English in Japan for three years now. I teach English to students from 2 year old to junior high school. In my job we play games, sing songs, do fun activities. I can say that my students enjoy my lesson and they are pretty comfortable with me.

On my free time I like listening to music and watching cartoons (especially Disney) and TV series like FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory and many more. I am looking forward to take care of your children, we can play in English, sing or watch movies they like! :)

I also love animals - I have 5 cats! I can walk them out, bathe and play with them.



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English, Spanish
¥1,500 ~ 3,000 Accepts Online Payments
10+ years

My name is Gissela, I'm from Peru. I am a mother of two, a boy who is 11 years old and a girl who is 6 years old. All about looking after children I have learnt with them and I'm still learning. I'm currently working in an English school as an English teacher, teaching children between 6 and 12 years old. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. I have lived in Brazil for 8 years and have been living in Japan for 3 years. Looking forward the opportunity to take care of your children!

Mi nombre es Gissela, soy peruana. Madre de de un niño de 11 y una niña de 6. Todo este tiempo en constante aprendizaje sobre cuidar de ellos. En los últimos 5 meses he estado trabajando en una escuela de inglés, enseñando a niños entre 6 y 12 años de edad. Hablo español, inglés y portugués fluentemente. He vivido en Brazil por 8 años y actualmente resido en Japón desde hace 3 años. Esperando la oportunidad de poder cuidar de tus niños.

Meu nome é Gissela, sou peruana. Mãe de um menino de 11 e uma menina de 6. Tudo este tempo aprendendo com eles. Nos últimos 5 meses tenho trabalhado numa escola de inglês ensinando e cuidando de crianças de 6 a 12 anos de idade. Falo espanhol, inglês e português fluentemente. Morei no Brasil por 8 anos e moro no Japão há 3 anos. Esperando a Oportunidade de poder cuidar do seus filhos.



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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 2,500 Accepts Online Payments
Shizuoka, Aichi
2 years

Hello, my name is Juliana.I’m half brazillian and half Japanese.I’m 35 years old and I live in Japan for about 5 years.
I can speak portuguese and English fluent and a little Japanese.
I have 2 years experience as a babysitter in my country with children aged between
3 months to 9 years old.
Specializing in child care, or in family homes, taking care of children, accompanying them in routine activities, preparing meals and helping the child to eat, taking care of hygiene, health and ensuring the child's well-being.
I love doing activities with children that make them use their creativity and expression like paintings, drawings and create origami pieces.
Reading educational books that teach a new language in an easy and fun way is also part of what I like to do with them.
We can play in the park and have a picnic too.
Also I have a 3 years experience as an English Teacher for children and Adults too.
I raised my own son who is now 17 years old with great health.
I love pets and I’ll be very happy to be able to help take care of them too.
Looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children.

These are my cancellation fees below:
-Within 24 hours: 40%
-Within 12 hours (cancellation on the day of appointment): 50%

Olá, meu nome é Juliana. Sou meio brasileira e meio japonesa. Tenho 35 anos e moro no Japão a cerca de 5 anos.
Falo português e inglês fluentemente e um pouco de japonês.
Tenho 2 anos de experiência como babá em meu país com crianças com idades entre 3 meses a 9 anos de idade.
Especializada em cuidados com crianças, ou em casa de família, cuidando de crianças, acompanhando-as nas atividades rotineiras, preparando refeições e ajudando a criança a comer, cuidando da higiene, saúde e garantindo o bem-estar da criança.
Adoro fazer atividades com crianças que as façam usar sua criatividade e expressão como pinturas, desenhos e criar peças de origami.
Ler livros didáticos que ensinam um novo idioma de forma fácil e divertida também faz parte do que gosto de fazer com eles.
Podemos brincar no parque e fazer um piquenique também.
Também tenho 3 anos de experiência como professora de inglês para crianças e adultos.
Criei meu próprio filho, que agora tem 17 anos, com ótima saúde.
Eu amo animais de estimação e ficarei muito feliz em poder ajudar a cuidar deles também.
Estou ansiosa pela oportunidade de cuidar de seus filhos.



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¥1,500 ~ 2,500
6 years

I'm a mother of 2 kids, 6 and 2 years old. I'm from Thailand living here for 7 years. I'm responsible, easy-going and kind. On my free time I usually exercise to keep myself strong for my kids.
I had a experience as a English teacher in Bangkok city for about 2 years, children age is 4-15 years old. My first language is Thai, plus I can speak English and be able to communicate in Japanese.
Next month my little girl will go to kindergarten, it's the opportunity to get back to do what I like, being with kids, and earn some benefit to support family.
On my free time I usually have fun activities with my kids for example, play the toy game, paint, plant flowers baking cookies and we love doing camping and picnic on summer.
As I was a english teacher so I can provide online class to your children, I'm recently teaching to my kids as well.
Moreover, I'm allergic of animal hair which cause me skin problem, running nose and sneeze


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