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Mary B

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¥1,500 ~ 3,000 オンライン決済対応


Hello! My name is Mary and I love kids! I can speak English and Tagalog. I am a licensed teacher majored in English. I basically grew up taking care of my brother and younger cousins ages from 1 year old to 6 year old. I watch over them when their parents go to work, bathe, take them to schools and even attend events at their school. When I was in university, I also took care of kids as my part time job, I helped them with their homework and played with them.

I have a three year teaching experience in the Philippines to junior high school students and I have also been teaching English in Japan for three years now. I teach English to students from 2 year old to junior high school. In my job we play games, sing songs, do fun activities. I can say that my students enjoy my lesson and they are pretty comfortable with me.

On my free time I like listening to music and watching cartoons (especially Disney) and TV series like FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory and many more. I am looking forward to take care of your children, we can play in English, sing or watch movies they like! :)

I also love animals - I have 5 cats! I can walk them out, bathe and play with them.


ケアファインダーのベビーシッターの選択枠はとても良いですね。若い方、年上の方、バイリンガル、英語、日本語が母国語と、バラエティに富んでいてとてもびっくりしました。だから、私の家族に最適な人はすぐに見つかると感じたんです .