Hello, my name is Gabriella! I have experience teaching English for adults and for children. Teaching is my true passion, especially working with children. It is amazing to see their development when you give them space to grow and to express themselves. I am currently living in Japan with my husband. I have been living in Tokyo for almost three years. I can fluently speak Portuguese and English. I also have intermediary level in Spanish and basic level in Japanese.

I was born in Brazil and, throughout my life, I was also educated in English, achieving a native level in the language. I graduated in Political Science, earning a Master’s degree at Universidade de Brasilia, in Brazil. Throughout my academic career, I also studied in North American and European institutions, such as University of Maryland Baltimore County (Maryland – USA), the London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE, (London – UK) and Rhema Bible Training College, RBTC, (Oklahoma – United States).

Besides having experience as a preschool teacher in Tokyo, I have also worked as a private English tutor. I had students from various learning backgrounds and different English levels. I like to work with each student individually, addressing each necessity in accordance to their specific career goals. I also use different teaching approaches, depending on students’ deficiencies. I have seen great improvements in all my students, regardless of their initial levels. Private tutoring helped me to improve my ability to understand the needs of each student, helping them to overcome their challenges.

As I said previously, I truly love working with children. It is rewarding to see them developing, connecting and communicating to you through their actions and words. Besides teaching, other hobbies and activities I most like to do with them are dancing, cooking easily recipes (we can cook together, since cooking is a nice way for them to learn practical life and train their motor coordination), outdoor activities and reading. We can have lots of fun together!

CANCELLATION POLICY (all times are calculated from the start time of the scheduled job):
* 48+ hours before scheduled sitting: No cancellation fee
* Between 48 - 24 hours: 50% of the sitting fee
* Within 24 hours: 100% of the sitting fee (+transportation cost if I am already in transit)

It will be a pleasure to assist you with your child! I am excited to work with you! Please, feel free to contact me!


Olá! Meu nome é Gabriella! Tenho experiência em ensinar inglês para adultos e crianças. Ensinar é minha paixão, especialmente relacionado a crianças. É maravilhoso observar seu desenvolvimento quando oferecemos o espaço necessário para que cresçam e se expressem. Atualmente, moro no Japão com meu marido. Estou morando em Tokyo há quase três anos. Falo fluentemente português e inglês. Também tenho nível intermediário em espanhol e básico em japonês.

Nasci no Brasil e, ao longo da minha vida, obtive educação na lingua inglesa, obtendo um nível nativo nessa lingua Sou graduada em Ciência Política e tenho mestrado também em Ciência Política pela Universidade Brasilia (UnB). Ao longo da minha carreira acadêmica, também estudei em instituições norte americanas e européias, como University of Maryland Baltimore County (USA), London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE (UK) e Rhema Bible Training College (USA).

Além de ter trabalhado como professora infantil em Tokyo, também tenho trabalhado como tutora particular. Já tive estudantes de diversos níveis de inglês. Gosto de trabalhar com cada estudante de forma individual, atendendo cada uma de suas necessidades de acordo como suas expectativas e objetivos. Também tenho usado diferentes metodologias, dependendo das limitações de cada aluno. Com isso, tenho visto grande progresso em cada um dos meus alunos, independente de seus níveis iniciais. Ser tutora particular me ensinou a aprimorar minha habilidade de compreender as necessidades de cada estudante, ajudando-os a superar seus desafios.

Como mencionado anteriormente, eu realmente amo trabalhar com crianças. É verdadeiramente gratificante vê-las se desenvolvendo, comunicando e se conectando conosco por meio de suas ações e palavras. Além de ensinar, outros hobbies e atividades que eu mais gosto de fazer com crianças são dançar, cozinhar receitas simples (posso cozinhar com elas, uma vez que cozinhar é um bom meio de ensiná-las lições práticas e treinar coordenação motora), atividades ao ar livre e ler livros. Podemos nos divertir muito juntos!

Será um prazer assisti-lo com sua criança! Estou animada para trabalharmos juntos! Por favor, sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato!


¡Hola! ¡Mi nombre es Gabriella! Yo nací en Brasil. Tengo 30 años y vivo en Tokio con mi esposo desde 2019. Tengo experiencia enseñando inglés a adultos y niños. La enseñanza es mi pasión, especialmente en lo relacionado con los niños. Hablo portugués e inglés con fluidez. También tengo un nivel intermedio en español y un nivel básico en japonés. Además de trabajar como maestra de jardín de infantes en Tokio, también he trabajado como tutora privada. He tenido alumnos de diferentes niveles de inglés. Además de enseñar, otros pasatiempos y actividades que más disfruto hacer con niños son bailar, cocinar recetas con ellos, actividades al aire libre y leer libros. ¡Podemos divertirnos mucho juntos!

¡Será un placer atenderle con su hijo! ¡No dude en ponerse en contacto!


Assistant Teacher at Sesame International Preschool (Tokyo)
Period of time: from January/2021 to October/2021
Task: From January to mid-May, my task was to assist the main teachers from toddlers’ class (0-2 years old) in doing crafts, supervising the children, writing daily reports on their notebooks about their daily performances, changing diapers, feeding them and making them sleep – overall, assisting in everything needed. From mid-May to August, it was Summer Camp season; therefore, I started to be trained to be in charge of the toddlers’ class.
From September to October, I was in charge of the preschool class (3-5 years old). One of my main tasks was to teach children on writing and reading in English and on counting numbers. Throughout my time at Sesame, I was also put to teach on two after school programs (with children from 3-12 years old) – one related to teaching subjects in English (math, science, story, art, geography) to ESL students and the other was to exercise with them.

Private English Tutor – remote work - working with adults.
Period of time: from September/2020 - currently.

Assistant Teacher at Grace International Learning Center (Tokyo)
Period of time: from September/2019 to June/2020.
Task: Assisting the main teacher in planning and implementing a program to teach young children (0-5 years old), ensuring the children were supervised and were involved in safe and appropriate activities at all times. Ensure the cleanness and the maintenance of the equipment and facility.

I can change diapers, put them to sleep, give a bath, read stories and play games.

Can Babysit


  • 6 - 11 months old
  • 1 year old
  • 2 years old
  • 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7+ years old
2 Children

Skills & Services


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Eligible for Government Subsidy
  • Online Lessons
  • Pick up children from
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Care with foreign language
  • Homework help
  • Pet care
  • Toilet training
We can also read stories together. Besides helping with homework, I can also teach English; in that case, we can use a book of your preference or I can bring my own material to teach.


  • Not Completed Government Approved Babysitter Training


6am - 9am
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 9pm
9pm - 12am
12am - 6am
This schedule may not be up-to-date.


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Thank you for helping us the other day!
Though my two-year-old son was sleepy and not in good mood, she was always kind. She was punctual, professional and trust worthy.

Your rating: 5

Very good baby sitting! Thanks!

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1歳と3歳のシッティングをお願いしました! とてもフレンドリーに接してくれて、シッティングの際に動物の書かれたカードを持ってきてくれて子どもに動物の名前を英語で伝えたりしてくれました。 食事前の片付けでは子どもに声掛けしてくれて一緒に片付けもしてくれました。 子どもたちは英語が全く理解出来ないので、時々日本語を交えながら会話をしてくれて子どもたちも楽しそうに過ごしていました。

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It's very kind, and for parents and children who want to learn English

she is the best teacher. I was very impressed that my son went out with me.

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娘にたくさんの英語で話しかけてくださり胸が熱くなりました。お絵描きセットを持ってきてくださり娘も楽しそうでした。終わったあと一切名前を呼ばなかった娘がシッターさんの名前をずっと呼んでいたのでまた遊んでください^ ^笑

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My boys had a blast with Gabriella! She was on time, professional and kept then active.

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Gabriella was very courteous and professional. She brought coloring books and craft supplies and played with my daughter with them . Amazingly, the theme of the crafts was princesses, which may have been prepared to match my daughter's introduction. After Gabriella left our house, she continued to play with the princess castle and plates she had made. Thank you Gabriella!

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My son liked Gabriella-san immediately, and wanted to play with her. She is very reliable, calm, and kind. She is good with crafts and always has my son’s education, enjoyment, and safety in mind.

Your rating: 5

She was wonderful! My 3 year old daughter doesn't speak English fluently, but Gabriella brought her own stuff to draw my daughter's attention, and it seemed like she had a lot of fun painting and crafting with her.

Your rating: 5

Gabriella was a very fun and energetic person and my son had a lot of fun with her. The moment he met her, he was super excited to show all his toys to her. Thank you so much for playing with him :)

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Gabriella is really great. She is very nice and friendly, and knows how to effectively communicate with little kids.

While our two boys were a little nervous about the new setting with a stranger, she instantly created a very friendly atmosphere at the outset, and the kids started interacting with her very naturally. (I was expecting that I needed to join them until the kids get used to the sitter, but that wasn’t necessary, so I could just focus on my work while they were playing.)

Upon my request, she kept talking in English only. When my kids started speaking Japanese, she very nicely but firmly persuaded them to speak English, which was also great.
She speaks native English (as far as I can tell ;-) )

Your rating: 5

My son is normally hesitate to talk with native english speaker but he started to talk very quickly today. She is very good at taking of kids. Thanks Gabby!

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Gabriella and my daughter got along very quickly and enjoyed a lot of activities! She is polite and passionate about babysitting. My daughter cried when she was leaving.

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またお願いしたいと思います^ ^

She is wonderful! My son took to her right away.
I think all kids will like her soon.

Your rating: 4

Excellent caregiving

Your rating: 5

Gabriella was great. She entertained our three year old for several hours - reading, playing...I would recommend!

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[CareFinder Team Review]

Gabriella is very polite, energetic and friendly person. She enjoys interacting and teaching children as well as playing with them. Gabriella enjoys activities with children like dancing, outdoor activities and even cooking.
We believe that Gabriella will make a great babysitter for any CareFinder family!

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