I’m Valentina, charismatic, full of energy, patient, empathic, responsible, with 15 years delivering educational assistance to babies, toddlers and kids between 4 months and 10 years old. I have experiences with children with slow development too.

I am currently an English teacher and educator at a Japanese nursery school in Harajuku, Tokyo. (It’s a 保育園 and 幼稚園, from O years old to 6 years old).
I also organise Yoga and Ayurveda kids events around Tokyo ( 1 years old to 5 years old).

Vaccinated 3 times.

My childcare service is officially registered at the Setagaya city office.

I worked as a child educator, nanny, babysitter and Italian language tutor in Spain, Uk, Switzerland and Italy.

I had the opportunity to visit and spend time with children in a school for street children in New Delhi India and in a school in a favelas in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, where I enriched my mind.

I also lived in Australia, Brazil, France, India and I traveled in a lot of Asian countries. I understand the way of living of different cultures, I could babysitting kids without knowing the language and it was a success.

I work with passion and love, I take care for the uniqueness of each child, I gently enter their world through play in order to create a bond right away. My goal is make them happy an I am constantly aware about their feelings and emotions.
I like to play with them and I don’t use Tv and cartoon as tools when I’m working.

I take care of children with creative games, storytelling, songs, dance, and homemade clay. ^ ^
I can bring my own materials for the English lessons.
I love to bring them to the park and run with them from the first minute!
I am also fun of Montessori games and activities.
I teach Yoga for babies.
I’m a great cooker and I can provide healthy meal to the kids.
Of course I can make pizza and crêpes with the them : )

Talking a bit more about me I born and raised up in Milan, Italy. I’m in Tokyo since 1 year and half with my Japanese husband.

I speak fluently English, French, Spanish, I understand Portuguese, my mother tongue is Italian and I’m learning Japanese.

I’m also Ayurveda practitioner and I studied Ayurveda and Yoga in India.

I volunteered as a cook at a meditation school nearby San Francisco, California.

I’m looking forward to working for you and getting to know your child and helping them succeed in their education!

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Bonjour à tout le monde! Je suis Valentina, une femme italienne pleine d’énergie, patiente, empathique, responsable et avec beaucoup des années des expériences avec des enfants entre 4 mois et 10 ans. Maintenant je travaille à la garderie en Tokyo comme professeure d'anglais et assistante maternelle, j’ai aussi beaucoup d’expériences comme nounou et tuteur de langue italienne en Espagne, Royaume-Uni, Suisse et Italie. J'ai vécu en Australie, au Brésil, en France, en Inde et j’ai voyagé dans nombreux pays asiatiques. Je comprends la façon de vivre de cultures différents, je pouvais garder des enfants sans connaître la langue et il été un succès. J’aime jouer avec les petits et je n’utilise pas la télévision ni les dessins animés quand je travaille. Je parle anglais, français, espagnol, je comprends le portugais, ma langue maternelle est l’italien et j’apprends le japonais. J’utilise des jeux créatifs, des contes, des chansons et la danse. Je suis un excellent cuisinier et je cuisine des repas sains. Je peux cuisiner avec les enfants pizza et crêpes! ; )
J’ai le spouse visa de citoyen japonais. J’attends avec impatience l’opportunité de prendre soin de vos enfants! Merci

Ciao a tutti!
Sono Valentina, una persona, solare, piena di energia, paziente, empatica, responsabile e con molti anni di esperienza con i bambini da 4 mesi a 10 anni.
In questo momento lavoro in un asilo nido ad Harajuku a Tokyo come insegnante d’inglese ed educatrice per l’infanzia. In realtà è un asilo nido ed asilo uniti insieme con bambini da 0 a 5 anni.
Ho esperienza, sempre tramite l’asilo, con bambini con lento sviluppo di apprendimento.
Ho lavorato come assistente per l'infanzia, tata, babysitter e tutor di lingua italiana in Spagna, Regno Unito, Svizzera ed Italia.
Ho anche vissuto in Australia, Brasile, Francia, India e viaggiato in molti paesi asiatici. Comprendo “il modo di vivere” di molte culture, ho potuto fare da babysitter a bambini senza conoscere la lingua ed è stato un successo. Mi piace giocare con loro e non uso TV e cartoni animati quando lavoro. Parlo correntemente inglese, francese, spagnolo, capisco il portoghese, la mia lingua madre è appunto l'italiano e sto imparando il giapponese. Mi prendo cura dei bambini con giochi creativi, fiabe, canzoni e balletti. Cucino bene e sano.
Possiedo il visto sposa di cittadino giapponese. Non vedo l'ora di avere l'opportunità di prendermi cura dei tuoi figli! Grazie

¡Holà a todos! Soy Valentina, una mujer italiana, solar, llena de energía, paciente, empática, responsable y con muchos años de experiencia en cuidar los niños desde 4 meses a 10 años. Actualmente trabajo en una guardería en Tokyo como profesora de. Inglés y asistente de cuidado infantil. Trabajé también como asistente de cuidado infantil, niñera, y tutora de italiano en España, Reino Unido, Suiza, Italia. También viví en Australia, Brasil, Francia, India y he viajado a muchos países asiáticos. Entiendo la forma de vida de muchas culturas, podía cuidar niños sin saber el idioma y fue un éxito. Me gusta jugar con ellos y no uso la televisión y los dibujos animados como herramientas cuando estoy trabajando. Puedo hablar con fluidez inglés, francés, español, puedo entender portugués, mi lengua materna es el italiano y estoy aprendiendo japonés. Cuido a los niños con juegos creativos, cuentos, canciones y baile. Cocino bien y sano. Es cierto que urdo hacer una buenísima pizza con los niños!
Tengo las spouse visa de cónyuge de ciudadano japonés. ¡Espero de cuidar de sus hijos! Gracias


-English teacher and child educator at the nursery in Harajuku, Tokyo. (Actual position)
Teaching English and Yōga for babies.
-English teacher at the nursery in Den-en-Chofu, Tokyo
-Hand Massage Teacher for kids, Milan, Italy
Part of the project sponsored by Milan City Hall.
Teaching to elementary school kids how to relax through the hand massage and breathing. Creative game to express their emotions.
-Child-care assistant teacher at a forest nursery (森保育園 ) Zurich, Switzerland
Outdoor education.
-Nanny, Zurich, Switzerland
Taking care of 3 years old twin, without speaking the same language, it was a mix between Italian and Swiss German. Creative game, Italian language teaching, cooking healthy meal.
-Babysitter, London, UK
- Child-care assistant, Spain
Taking care of babies and kids in an international environment

Can Babysit


  • 0 - 5 months old
  • 6 - 11 months old
  • 1 year old
  • 2 years old
  • 3 years old
  • 4 - 6 years old
  • 7+ years old
3 Children

Skills & Services


  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


  • Eligible for Government Subsidy
  • Pick up children from
  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Care with foreign language
  • Homework help
  • Events
  • Overnight
  • Travel
Italian language lesson, yoga for kids


  • Not Completed Government Approved Babysitter Training
Massage for babies, child and pregnant


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6pm - 9pm
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12am - 6am
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Your rating: 5

We had a good time with Valentina. My son was so excited playing with her.
She knows a lot how to play with child. My son did lego, origami and more.
We already look forward to seeing her again:)

Your rating: 5

Valentina is taking care of our 1.5 year old daughter weekly and even though it isn’t always easy since she has a huge separation anxiety, Valentina always comes up with creative ideas to distract and entertain her while comforting her.
She is energetic and very dynamic, it is definitely funny for kids to be around her!
Her French proficiency is remarkable and could not recommend Valentina enough.

Your rating: 5

It was my first time hiring a sitter for my 3-month old and I was very very nervous. My son is very attached to me and does not let anyone put him to sleep except his mum. He is also a contact napper which means he will not let us lay him down for a nap.

Valentina not only managed to put him down, she tried many different strategies until she found the one that worked (which is the same thing I do but I had forgotten to tell her: bounce up and down, cover his face). This reassured me and is no doubt a testimony of her experience working in a nursery.

My conditions were not ideal. I asked her to watch my son by holding him in the baby carrier and walking around the city for an hour while I took a meeting around the corner.
Not only did she oblige without complaint, it turns out my son didn’t let her sit down so she was on her feet for the majority of the hour and a bit, lulling him to sleep. He slept almost the entire time and I came back to a baby drooling on her.

Valentina arrived 15 minutes early and immediately started to engage with my son. She spoke fluent Spanish, great English and I know she speaks a plethora of other languages.

Her carefinder picture does not do justice to her soft and gentle features. She was very warm with my son and even though it was brief, I felt very reassured and would hire her again.

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2か月の娘が声を出して笑ってくれました。She has great professionalism.

Your rating: 5

Valentina took care of kids during our wedding. She's very professional and I would highly recommend her!
Valentina s'est occupée des enfants lors de notre mariage. Elle est très professionnelle et je la recommande vivement !

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子どもの扱いに慣れていて安心してお任せできました。She was a great teacher and sitter!

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Your rating: 5

We really like Valentina and we highly recommend her. She immediately knew how to interact with our little son and daughter, on a play base but following our routine. She is wonderful, energetic, very proactive in proposing help, taking initiative with new activities and games, trustful, flexible, very kind, respectful and fun. Thank you very much Valentina, we are happy to have you with us :)

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Your rating: 5

Valentina took really good care of our 1yr old baby girl. Very professional, we'd love to book her services again soon

Alexandre & Masumi
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Your rating: 5

Valentina is the best!! She loves playing with my daughter and is attentive, active, and cheerful. Valentina always gives me thorough explanations of what they did while I was gone, which means a lot to me. My daughter always has a good time with Valentina and I am always confident that the two of them are safe and happy together.

Your rating: 5

Valentina is a great women! My daughter got along with her soon even though this was the first time that we met her. Valentina was professional so that she brought some toys for playing my daughter. She was so polite, responsible, kind and energetic. We will make request to Valentina again. Thank you, Valentina!

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Your rating: 5

My kids gradually getting used to play and sing with Valentina. She was very polite, kindness to me as well as my kids.

Your rating: 5

My son was so happy to play with her. She is very friendly and kind, and kids-lover:)

Kumi Yamamoto
Your rating: 5

Absolutely amazing experience! Valentina helped us feel very comfortable leaving our 2 year old son in her care! She was so professional, friendly, warm and very engaging. My son really enjoyed 5 days with her. He was always very excited to play with her again. We'd love to have her again!

Your rating: 5

She was very friendly and fun person ! Also very professional - gave me useful advices which I appreciated.
My baby boy seemed to enjoy time with her ! Would recommend her.

Your rating: 5

Very good experience, the kids got used to her very quickly and had fun together.

Your rating: 4

Actually, I couldn't ask to her. Because she was not feeling well.
However she is kind on the text.
I would like to ask her again.

Your rating: 5

Valentina was great and our daughter really enjoyed the time with her. She was very energetic and did a lot of activities with our daughter.
She was also very professional, and it was clear that she has a lot of experience working with young kids. Highly recommended.

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Valentina is a great babysitter. I totally recommend her!

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[ CareFinder Team Review ]

Valentina is a very patient and friendly person. She has a passion for working with children and putting smiles on their faces. Valentina has a great energy that will make any child feel comfortable right away. We believe that Valentina will make a great sitter for any CareFinder family!

Jasmine @ CareFinder Support
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