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I am Yangchen and Currently a graduate student at Chiba Institute of Technology. I have one younger sibling, cousins and relatives who were around the age of 5 and above during my years at university. Most of my relatives having children are employees at different firms hence most of the times I was given the responsibility to look after them as those kids enjoyed my company.

When my sister was born, she was the cutest thing I had seen in this world. I always rushed to her after my school. My younger sister was one active child. I love dancing, singing and engaging in small activities with kids.

I used to play different songs and dance with her on that song. When she grew older around the age of 6 she made friends at her school. They used to come to our house and play with her. I used to join them and become a kid myself. Hence their parents started to leave their kids at our home when they went for work. I love to organize fun children's activities and make them play along with me. Sometimes I join them in their small gatherings. One thing I enjoy most is performing learning activities like asking them what is this and that. That way I also learn and make them learn. I was also responsible to tutor them like basic mathematics, English and Science.

As I used to do my homework and make them do it at the same time, which they enjoyed. Kids are competitive and making them do their homework as competition is quite fun. For example, you tell them to solve it in 5 min and whoever does it first, will be given the title as monitor/in charge among them, they feel happy and they engage in it with much enthusiasm. I make their learning experience fun. I enjoy involving myself in activities with kids. I hope to be a friend to that kid and good listener to them. As one thing about children is they love talking to people whom they are comfortable with. They have loads on their mind to say and ask. I wish to be their guide and learn from them.


I have experience of looking after the kids of around 1.5 years and above and also tutor them and engage in their fun activities. I also love organizing various activities with kids specially dancing,singing, drawing , painting and indoor activities. I would be one human around the age of 25 who subscribed to kids youtube channel to stay updated with songs of the kids. I can engage in both male and female kids and their activities. Whether it's racing or making barbie doll talk. I love listening to kids and their experiences they had in school. When I am around kids, I enter their world of innocence and kindness which is lost when the human grows up.Engaging yourself with kids makes you want to become a kid and be that innocent/kind human. They have high zeal to learn and are competitive among themself. Children give you the experience to teach and learn at the same time with their innocence. I would like to engage with the kids and teach them my culture and also learn from them.

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She was great.
He was able to get along with my daughter immediately.
My daughter immediately liked you.
My daughter now loves you.
We will definitely ask you again next time.

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Yangchen is very punctual and dependable. When she is at our home, our son instantly gravitates towards her and he's so excited she's come! He has a lot of fun with her and enjoys her high energy. Yangchen plays very well with small children and follows their lead. Thank you, Yangchen!


Thank you for the kind reviews! I look forward to serve you in future.

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Nanako Kishimi


Your rating: 5

She is so kind.
We had fun time with her.

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My 3year old son enjoyed the time with Yangchen. She is very good at caring a toddler and energetic to play with a young boy!

Akane Takimoto

Thank you so much for the opportunity. I had a great time with your son and look forward to serve you again.

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I asked tutoring for my sons. She was very smart and polite person.
She created a fun atmosphere to learn English and my sons really enjoy a talk with her.

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Your rating: 5

Yangchen is very good playing with children! She brought origami and was very enthusiastic playing with my daughter. Thank you!


I also learnt a lot, and thankful for the opportunity.

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Boys had a lot of fun with Yangchen. Full of energy and very sweet, on time, and proactive.


Thank you, I am grateful for the opportunity.

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Thank you, Yangchen for bringing Origami as souvenirs. My child loved it!
Yangchen is great with a young kid, very sweet and relaxed person. She leads my child to play naturally and my child seemed enjoy spending time with her. She talked a lot in English to my child as I requested.


I am thankful to have been given this opportunity. Thank you for the sweet review.

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My daughter was missing her after she left and kept saying that she did Origami a lot with Yangchen for days!

Thank you, Yangchen.


I am honoured to help you and I also enjoyed spending time with your daughter. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

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Yangchen is very polite and friendly. She enjoys spending her free time helping children learn new things all while learning from them as well. Yangchen hopes to become a great role model for many children. We believe Yangchen will make a great sitter or tutor for many CareFinder families!

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