Why You Should Consider a Male Babysitter

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why you should consider a male babysitter

Why You Should Consider a Male Babysitter


There are many things to consider when searching for the best babysitter for your family, from which languages they speak and where they're located to whether they can teach your children piano or cook a gourmet meal. It's important to have a clear understanding of your needs and wants and to be realistic about which, if any, are negotiable. Ultimately, you and your children are the only ones who can make that call.

That being said, at CareFinder, we've had lots of experience working with thousands of parents and sitters over the year. And we've noticed some trends in the choices families make that may actually be limiting the benefits they see from working with a sitter. One of those trends? Not considering male babysitters!

We understand why: Many people are more comfortable with female caregivers. After all, many of us spent our younger years under the watchful eyes of a woman, from stay-at-home moms to pre-school and grade school teachers. Most caregiving professions are staffed by women, so it's natural that we would associate the "best" choice with female sitters. And, of course, CareFinder has many wonderful women working on our platform who may, in fact, be the best choice for your family's needs.

But just as we would recommend keeping an open mind when it comes to the language a sitter speaks or which country they're from, we encourage you to be open to male sitters. And here's why:

Break Down Caregiver Stereotypes

As mentioned, women comprise most of the caregiver roles and professions: Nannies and babysitters, preschool, primary and secondary teachers, healthcare aides, primary parent, etc. Women are seen as naturally fulfilling the qualities these positions require — nurturing, patient, compassionate, selfless — and therefore, automatically suited to them. These are of course admirable qualities to hold, but assuming it is women alone who epitomize them implies that men do not. And that is far from true! Men are just as capable of being supportive and caring; we should recognize this.

Offer Diverse Role Models

The people our children spend time with, especially when they are very young and still learning about themselves and the world around them, play an important role in shaping who they grow up to be. Babysitters are no exception. It is likely you welcome many opportunities to expose your children to diversity. After all, you are living in a foreign country with many millions of people who are different from your family! Maybe you seek out sitters who play an instrument you cannot or whose first language is not yours. Hiring a male babysitter is an additional way to introduce your children to different perspectives.

Also, if you have sons, a male babysitter makes for a great role model. Not only can they serve as a "big brother" figure, but they also help to reinforce our first point: men can be kind and competent when it comes to caring work.

A Different Type of Play

Baseball, American football, fort-building, general horseplay: While not solely the realm of boys, if your kids are looking for this type of activity level, it may be easier to find with male sitters. Let the kids tire themselves out by running around the park, playing soccer or climbing (carefully!) all over the jungle gym. Quiet time and creative play are important, and just as possible with a male babysitter. But sometimes you need to get the wiggles out!

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