Visiting Japan? Here's Why You Need a Babysitter!

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Visiting Japan? Here's Why You Need a Babysitter!


Obviously, when your family makes a trip from abroad to Japan, you want to spend time with them while visiting this spectacular country. And you're in luck because it's very family-friendly for visitors: safe, clean, efficient public transit and tons of attractions that even the younger children in your family will find fascinating.

But you should still have a plan for childcare! Fortunately for you, CareFinder makes finding high-quality, highly qualified babysitters on any vacation budget simple and straightforward. And here's why you need one:

An extra pair of hands.

While Japan is in many ways a neat, "by-the-rules" country, a trip to any of its major metropolitan areas will also necessitate navigating around millions of people. At any of the famous sightseeing spots, your family will likely be surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of other spectators. Crowds of that size can easily be overwhelming and keeping track of young children (or even teenagers) is always easier with an extra pair of hands and eyes. A babysitter — especially one who knows their way around the area — is an invaluable resource in ensuring your family has peace of mind when enjoying one of Japan's many must-sees.

Language and the inside scoop.

Speaking of which: A babysitter who speaks Japanese and/or is familiar with the city your family is visiting is like having a private tour guide who also knows CPR and will help at lunchtime. While you may find that many people are eager to speak English with foreigners and, in big cities like Tokyo, restaurants are happy to offer English menus to patrons who need them, Japanese language skills will come in handy wherever you are. A bilingual babysitter who can help your family translate the directions to your next destination or offer a local's perspective on a neighborhood adds a richness to your vacation you may miss out on if something gets lost in Google Translate.

Grownup time.

And of course, you'll want grownup time. The many nightlife districts of Japanese cities are not to be missed, and that means leaving the kids behind once in a while. A babysitter is the perfect way to experience everything Japan has to offer during the day and feel comforted knowing your children are being cared for while you enjoy a romantic dinner, a dance party, late-night jazz — or all three!

CareFinder's community of babysitters is thoroughly vetted by our team and registered with their local municipal government. Using our platform to find the perfect fit for your family's needs makes working with a qualified caregiver during your vacation a breeze on any budget. Learn more here.

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