Valentine's Day in Japan 2021

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celebrate valentine's day in japan 2021

Valentine's Day in Japan 2021


Love is in the air!

Valentine's Day is just a short time away and, we don't know about you, but at CareFinder, we're especially excited this year for the opportunity to celebrate the people we care about. And fortunately, there are plenty of ways to say "I Love You" that don't require expensive restaurant reservations.

Check out our suggestions for simple ways for your whole family to enjoy Valentine's Day — from homemade cards to the best Valentine's treats Tokyo has to offer!

Homemade Valentines and Crafts

While there are a lot of great, ready-made Valentine's cards to choose from in this land of stationery, sometimes it' means more (and is more fun) to make them yourself! We've provided craft ideas in the past and have some additional ideas to share now!

If your child has lots of friends, classmates and family members to give cards to, you'll want quick, easy and inexpensive options! And if you want to kick it up a notch creatively and offer more than just a card — like a bag of treats or fancy pencils — this page has several ideas!

Get an adorable Valentine's gift and a keepsake, all in one! These handprint crafts are simple for even the littlest kids and result in cute decorations you'll want to keep forever. They're a little messy but worth it!

Deck your kids out in seasonal style! From a Love Bug hat and a Valentine Crown to friendship and noodle necklace, they (and you!) can look the part of Cupid.

valentine's day in japan

Cookies, Chocolate and Other Treats

You may not be too keen on trekking through Tokyo in search of the best Valentine's Day treats, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook! Luckily, there are plenty of online shopping options, so you can order the flowers, cookies and cakes that you need, without worrying about crowds. We've listed a few of our favorites below.

If you're looking for a two-birds-one-stone option, Nippon Florist is a great option! There are lots of special Valentine's Day packages available, which include chocolates from Ferrero Roche, champagne and of course, roses. Plus, if you're a procrastinator, you can order for same-day delivery!

Won't be taking that romantic, cozy get-away to Hokkaido? At least you won't have to miss out on local chocolates! Royce now offers online ordering for their specialties, including chocolate-covered potato chips and assortments selected specifically for Valentine's Day.

For beautiful, and delicious, petit fours, you should be sure to check out the online shop for Tokyo Kaikan. Inside the beautiful, simple packaging you'll find chic little cakes flavored with yuzu, apple, chocolate and more. The Brandy Chocolate poundcake is also worth a try!

Kawaii and cost-effective treats are perfect for sharing (safely) with colleagues! Ueno Panda Crunch is tasty, cute and only a few hundred yen. Kit Kats are also a standard; there are plenty of flavors and assortments to choose from.

COVID-Safe Date Night

If you're not comfortable hitting the town, or would just prefer to keep things a little more low-key this Valentine's Day, we have you covered! In addition to the suggestions we've made before, check out some COVID-safe valentine's date ideas below.

Head to Tokyo Daijingu Shrine! It's the spot to find "fulfillment in love," so it's the perfect day-time date destination for Valentine's Day. It's also not a far walk from Iidabashi station.

If you're not into the idea of climbing up Tokyo Tower, you can still enjoy the beautiful gardens of Shiba Koen with the tower as a backdrop. Pack a picnic and hope for one of those unseasonably warm February afternoons!

A trip to the shotengai may not be ideal given current events, but that doesn't mean you and your beer-loving sweetheart have to skip the experience! Several of Tokyo's favorite breweries are now delivering their craft beer. You can place an order and enjoy a flight all in the comfort of your own home!

Upgrade your usual UberEats order for a fine-dining experience sure to impress your Valentine! From Italian, to French to traditional Japanese, there are lots of fancy food options to consider so you don't have to sacrifice a delicious meal for safety.

And don't forget — even if you're not hitting the town for date night, our babysitters are here to help your family! Online or in-person, they can help keep the kids occupied while you enjoy some one-on-one time. Find your sitter here.

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