Summer in Japan: Arts & Craft Ideas

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summer in japan arts and crafts for kids

Summer in Japan: Arts & Craft Ideas


Keeping the kids occupied while school's out for the summer and they're not busy at camp can be tough! Once rainy season is over, the temperatures in Tokyo make outdoor activities difficult (though not impossible! There are quite a few ways to enjoy yourselves safely outside). Ongoing precautions around COVID-19 may also make excursions to the park, museum or go-to entertainment facilities difficult.

BUT! Have no fear: CareFinder has some ideas for arts and crafts that are fun, safe and simple to do at home. Check them out below!

Cotton Swab Tombos

Ok, so technically tombo ("dragonfly" in Japanese0 are more closely associated with fall than summer. But we think these cotton-swab-painted crafts are so bright and pretty, they make for a fun, colorful, summertime decoration. They're also great practice for kids honing their fine motor skills.

Hotaru Habitats

In addition to being beautiful to watch on a summer night and fun to chase after, fireflies also hold a special place in Japan's summer traditions. Usually, there are several matsuri specifically dedicated to hotaru, but due to the pandemic, many are canceled. Luckily, the fireflies aren't aware of COVID restrictions, so your family can still enjoy them. Follow this link for tons of great craft ideas that are also educational for any budding insectologist at home.

Seaside Inspired

If you're lucky enough for a family vacation at the beach, be sure to keep an eye out for craft supplies along the shore! Sea glass, shells and coral pieces make for great foundations for all kinds of pretty artwork. You can use seashells to create an entire underwater-inspired family or a frame to house your favorite summer memories. Even if you can't make it to the beach this summer, you can still pick up a bunch of craft sticks to create colorful octopuses!

Sweet Treats

These crafts will definitely inspire a trip to the ice cream parlor! Nothing helps to beat the heat of summer in Tokyo like a cone topped with your favorite flavors; recreate the thrill without the melty mess with these fun activities: Help your little one sport summertime style with a pom-pom cone necklace and/or let them decorate the whole house with this ice cream cone garland.


Enough said! We have yet to meet any kid (or grown-up, for that matter) who doesn't love to play with bubbles. Even regular old dish soap bubbles are good for an afternoon of entertainment. But if your family wants to kick it up a notch, check these out:

Rainbow Scented Bubbles

Painting with Bubbles

Bubble Tower Building

When kids are on summer break and not occupied by camp, class or vacations, finding things to do around the house can be tough. We hope these craft and activity ideas serve as great inspiration. And don't forget — our babysitters are always available to help out, whether you simply need added entertainment, tutoring, enrichment or just an extra pair of hands. Find the best babysitter for your family today!

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