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Kid-Friendly Events this Weekend in Tokyo 3/9-10

Kid-Friendly Events this Weekend in Tokyo 3/9-10

From an exhibition that allows you to experience what it's truly like to be a cat to a stunning exhibition of rare and beautiful Hina dolls, make the most out of the upcoming weekend with these kid-friendly events around Tokyo!
Date: 3/9 Saturday & 10 Sunday, 10am-4pm
Location: Yoyogi Park/NHK Hall (Harajuku/Shibuya)
At Furushoku Festival, you can learn about the local seafood and produce in various regions across Japan and experience the importance of eating local while munching on some delicious local specialities from all over Japan. This year, the event will be supporting the regions hit by natural disasters such as the torrential rain in Western Japan and an earthquake in Hokkaido last year. Learn about the importance of food through stage performances by the NHK program casts and characters as well as workshops especially designed for children!
Furushoku Festival
Date: ~3/10 Sunday 9am-10pm
Location: Orbi Yokohama (Minatomirai Station)
Ever wondered what it's truly like to be a cat? Now you can at the Orbi Yokohama. For a limited-time only, you can become a cat to attempt completing 5 missions that challenge your skills as a cat! The missions include meowing as you climb up a tree to win over the heart of a cat lady as well as testing your skills as a hunter by catching as many mice as possible.
Becoming a Cat
Date: ~3/10 Sunday 10am-5pm
Location: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo (Meguro)
The “Hyakudan Hinamatsuri” exhibit displays historic ornamental dolls from various prefectures across Japan. Since the first exhibition in 2010, over 550,000 visitors have been graced with the beautiful presence of Hina dolls from over 20 regions including Kyoto, the Tohoku, Setouchi and Kyushu regions. From prestigious family heirlooms of daimyos (feudal lords), old families and upper-class merchants to rustic folk toys, the Hina doll culture passed down in different regions come together to create an enchanting world. For its 10th anniversary, this year's exhibit's theme is “Hina dolls stories of Aomori, Akita, Yamagata”. The exhibit includes elegant “kokin-bina” (Edo-style and period Hina dolls) passed down through old families, a deluxe Hina doll tiered display of over 2m in height, miniature Hina doll accoutrements that fit in your hands, and masterpiece Hina dolls of varying ages from the towns in Aomori, Akita and Yamagata. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to visit these wonderful Hina dolls, which are usually displayed only in their locality.
Date: 3/9 Saturday 1-6pm
Location: Zojoji Temple (Shiba Park/Onarimon Station)
At the MERRY SMILE MINATO event held at Zojoji Temple, enjoy a day filled with song, dance and art! Bring your bright and colorful personalities and together spread the image of a future filled with smiles and laughter for Minato-ku. Families can take part in fun workshops such as making Taiko (drums) using duct tape or designing paper plates filled with smiles! Photographs of the Tohoku Recovery Project will also be on exhibition, showcasing the efforts of nearly eight years since the disaster in 2011.
Merry Smile Minato
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