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Family-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo

Family-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo

Are you planning a trip to Tokyo with your family but feeling nervous about accommodation in the crowded bustling city? We all know hotel-stays with small children can be difficult to say the least. As a business-oriented city, hotels in Tokyo in particular also tend to be small with primarily single beds. That's why here at CareFinder, we've gathered some of the best family-friendly hotels in Tokyo for you to make your family vacation as smooth and fun as possible.
Shiba Park Hotel
Location: Hamamatsu-cho/Daimon/Onarimon
Price: ¥¥
Not only is this hotel a 5 minute walk from both Onarimon and Daimon stations which are easily accessible from Narita and Haneda airports, but it is also located right next to Shiba Park near the city's iconic Tokyo Tower. If its location isn't enough to make your life easier, the hotel also provides many family-friendly amenities including diapers, baby wipes, baby toothbrushes and free rentals of baby beds, guards and strollers as well as a diaper disposal box, humidifier, baby thermometer and baby nail clippers. And did we mention the hotel greets you with a batch of shortbread cookies upon your arrival? If the cookies didn't win over your kids, the great kids' menus available at the delicious on-site restaurants will do the trick. The cherry on top? Kids under 6 years old can stay for free.
Tokyo Dome Hotel
Location: Suidobashi/Korakuen/Kasuga
Price: ¥¥
Located right next to Tokyo Dome and its theme park Tokyo Dome City and with an onsite outdoor swimming pool, this hotel is a child-pleaser by default. The hotel is also conveniently located only 2 minutes walk away from Suidobashi station, which can get you to popular sight-seeing and transfer station, Shinjuku in just 12 minutes. Here, children under 6 years old can stay for free and there is even a staffed kids room onsite available for reservation. In your spacious rooms, you will also find kids-sized pajamas, toothbrushes and slippers to make your kids at home. You can also ask the front desk for a free rental of a step stool, a baby bed or baby guard. For fans of popular children's television show, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, you can book a Lupinranger and Patranger themed room.
Location: Odaiba
Price: ¥
Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari is a great onsen theme park set in the Edo period conveniently located in Tokyo's popular man-made island Odaiba. Upon arrival, visitors get to choose their own colorful yukata and obi (ribbon) to begin their relaxing vacation. Not only is the park full of hot springs, but it even has a village set in the Edo period with lots of delicious Japanese food and festival games. The traditional Japanese ryokan-style rooms are great for families as they are big, easy to move around sleeping arrangements, and a great cultural experience. The kids will love experiencing taking off their shoes at the entrance, sleeping on futons, drinking Japanese green tea and trying tea snacks, and taking a communal bath. 
Ueno Touganeya Hotel
Location: Ueno
Price: ¥
Budget-friendly and in a superb location in terms of tourist attractions, parks and ease of access, you get the most bang for your buck with Ueno Touganeya Hotel. The hotel is located just 2 minutes walk from JR Ueno Station and 30 seconds from Ueno's subway station, which gives you access to over 6 local train lines and the Shinkansen bullet train. Ueno itself is home to Ueno Park and Zoo and countless museums. Besides location, the hotel offers family rooms and free stay for children under 6 years old.
Location: Asakusa
Price: ¥
This hotel checks all of the boxes for a great family-friendly hotel in Japan: it's budget friendly, in a great location and a ryokan, which means you and your family get a truly immersive Japanese cultural experience. Sadachiyo is one of the few remaining ryokans in central Tokyo, located just 10 minutes walk from Asakusa station. All rooms are tatami floored with futons and equipped with private showers for those who prefer not to use the communal baths. The ryokan also serves traditional Japanese meals for breakfast and dinner upon request!
In order to make sure a family vacation is a vacation for you too, make sure you schedule yourselves a break or night to yourselves. Hire a babysitter from just a few hours to enjoy dinner or explore the nightlife of the bustling cities of Japan to an entire afternoon so that you could enjoy the rich history of Japan while the kids can enjoy something more interactive. CareFinder babysitters are often not just bilingual but bicultural and can offer a unique Japanese cultural experience for your kids. No need for you to move, they will come straight to your hotel. Sign up today to plan your dream family vacation in Japan!
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