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Family friendly events and activities in Tokyo September and October

Family Friendly Events and Activities in Tokyo: September/October

Fall festivities are in full swing! The season officially starts on 23 September (check out our info on the Autumnal Equinox!) and there are plenty of festivals, exhibits and even fireworks to enjoy over the next few weeks.
Beer garden season is also winding down, so now's your chance to book a babysitter and enjoy some adult all-you-can-eat festivities!
18-25 September
This is a super engaging, energetic alternative to traditional circuses that incorporates amazing human feats with cutting edge technology.
Begins 19 September
What better way to enjoy an opera performance than for free, with a tasty bento?
20 September
The six-week-long Rugby World Cup kicks off with a match between Japan and Russia. No tickets? No problem! There are plenty of fun venues to watch from afar.
21/22 September
This festival began when Tokyo was still known as Edo, so you know it'll be a good one!
22 September
Even though the neighborhood is well-known for its more modern attractions, this festival is worth checking out between lunch and shopping breaks.
Ends 23 September
Enjoy the lovely surroundings of Meiji Shrines Outer Garden while indulging in all-you-can-eat food and drink at this seasonal beer garden.
23 September
Enjoy the delicious food and lively dancing of Mexico at this festival in Odaiba, now celebrating its 20th year.
28 September
Free admission days are wonderful ways to introduce children to art and culture. The National Museum of Western Art features pieces from medieval Europe to Van Gogh.
Okunitama Chestnut Festival
27/28 September
Chestnuts are of course in abundant supply, but this festival also features hand-decorated paper lanterns and all the traditional festival celebrations.
28/29 September, 12/13 October
A two-part festival, the Fukuro Masturi features all the staples: mikoshi, dancing, taiko and plenty of food.
28 September
Hanabi aren't just for summertime! This 8,000 firework display takes place behind a beautiful red dam.
28 September
Enjoy this outdoor Noh performance with Tokyo Tower as your backdrop!
Ends 30 September
If you like matcha, this is the place for you! From beer, wine and sake (with some non-alcoholic options) and foods made with matcha, there is no shortage of green tea at 1899.
5 October
More fall fireworks to enjoy, this time with the Tama River as the stage.
6 October
See how Japanese artists were influenced by and expanded on the modern artists of their times, as well as some truly innovative works of art.
11 - 13 October
All the Tokyo-centric food and drink you could want! This year's event will also feature dishes inspired by the Rugby World Cup.
13 October
A cat-costume-only Halloween-esque parade to kick off the spooky season!
Ends 15 October
Learn all about dinosaur research and specific specimens, including one from Hokkaido, at this exhibit ending soon!
Ends 15 October
Enjoy the fall weather and stunning views (and all-you-can-eat buffet) at Mt. Takao! Japan's highest beer garden closes for the season on 15 October.
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