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Family Friendly Events and Activities in Tokyo

Family Friendly Events & Activities in Tokyo: June/July

Summer is basically here! And if you're not already busy with summer camps (more on those here), stuck inside because of the rain (check here for fun ideas) or partaking in many of the generally fun things the season has to offer (like these), we've got a few more suggestions for you.
Bunkyo Ajisai Matsuri
June 8 -16
Rainy season isn't all bad - it is the season that gives us beautiful hydrangeas! Standard festival fare and festivities accompany the more than 3,000 blooming plants.
Tokyo International Toy Show
June 13-16
Not just for people in the biz, this trade show also offers entertainment and activities for kids - beyond the many cool toys around.
Sanno Festival
Ends June 16
One of the three major festivals in Tokyo, the Sanno Matsuri is steeped in historical importance as one of the handful of matsuris allowed on the Edo Imperial Castle grounds by the shogun.
National Museum of Western Art Free Admission Days
June 22 / July 13
Monet, Renoir, Picasso and Van Gogh are just a few of the big names on display at the National Museum of Western Art.
Taiwan Festival
June 20- 23
Good food, good fun and lychee seed-spitting competition with a ticket to Taiwan as the prize!
Africa Hibiya Festival
June 20-23
African music, dance and food are the highlights of this festival, which also includes workshops and crafts.
Royal Ballet
June 21-30
With several Japanese dancers in the company, the Royal Ballet has more than eight decades of tradition as a source of exceptional art.
Tibet Festival
June 28-30
If you've never seen a sand mandala, now is your chance. You can watch the intricate artwork be created - and then destroyed- at this festival.
Miraikan Anniversary Free Admission Day
July 9
This cool museum has several age-specific free admission days throughout the year but in celebration of its upcoming anniversary, visitors of all-ages will have free access on July 9.
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