Children's Picture Books for Language Learning

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children's books for language learning

Children's Picture Books for Language Learning


Picture books are great entertainment for young children! Whether you're looking for holiday gifts or just need some additional indoor diversions for the coming winter, you can't go wrong with a well-stocked library.

As an added bonus, picture books are also great tools for helping children learn language, including new ones! You'll need to consider your child's age when picking out the best options (younger kids may be better with fewer words and more pictures). Older kids can benefit from more complex stories. And parents, you can always stretch your creativity muscles by choosing books with abstract themes that encourage using imagination!

See below for CareFinder's picture book suggestions for different ages and languages.

Spanish / Español Picture Books

El Monstruo De Colores

Not only is this book beautifully illustrated, but it's also a great tool for helping children learn how to express their feelings. The main character sorts through its sadness, anger, happiness and more. Ages 3-5.

Las Rimas de Mama Oca

This picture book is in both Spanish and English, making it a perfect choice as a language learning supplement (especially if your Espanol isn't great!). Your child will love hearing their favorite nursery rhymes in a new language. Ages 4-9.

La oruga muy hambrienta

The Hungry Caterpillar is a children's classic. Eric Carle's illustrations are award-winning and the story is delightful! The chunky board book is also great for little hands and destructive toddlers. Ages 2-5.

French / Français Picture Books

Georges Le Poisson Rouge/ George the Goldfish

Written by a language tutor, this French/English book is a great introduction to some key vocabulary and phrases for your little Francofile. Ages 5-6.

Le Petit Nicolas

This is a series of books for older readers that follows young Nicolas through many life events. As an additional benefit, there's also a movie version! Ages 8-11.

Bosley's New Friends

Bosley is a bear who encounters new animal friends and must learn how to communicate with them! This series is actually available as a dual-language option for numerous languages, so you can test out your French, Mandarin, Hindi, Italian and more!

Japanese / Nihongo / 日本語 Picture Books

Everything Winter in Japanese

This picture book is dual-language AND seasonally appropriate! Help your child learn relevant vocabulary and have fun doing the included games, puzzles and mazes. Ages 7-10.

Choopick: A Tale of a Little Snail

Follow the little snail Choopick on his adventures! This book was written and illustrated by a mom from Tokyo who created the story to teach her own young children about language and culture. Ages 3-6.

First 100 Basic Words

Help your little ones learn basic vocab and characters with easy-to-read flashcards and illustrations. Plus, there are coloring pages to make the experience interactive. Ages 2-6.

Mottainai Grandma

CareFinder founder and CEO Megumi suggests this book for your young reader! It's a great book for language learning and has a very important message about the environment and mindful consumption

German / Deutsche Picture Books

Don't Be Scared/Hab keine angst!

Follow Susie on a slightly spooky trip through the woods as she heads into town to buy the ingreidents her mom needs for a cake. The illustrations are lovely, it's dual-langauge and there are plenty of opportunities for interactivity. Ages 3-8.

Der Frostelnde Hirsch

A perfect read in German for a cold winter day, Der Frostelnde Hirsch (The Freezing Deer) is about a forest's experience with unexpected snow. Ages 6-8.

Where is My Little Dragon/Wo Ist Mein Kleiner Drache?

Search for the little dragon, named Amy, while learning key words and phrases in German. There are also additional coloring sheets included at the end of the book. Ages 2+.

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