Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

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holiday gift guide for everyone on your list

Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List!


'Tis the season for gift giving! End-of-the-year holidays call for presents and figuring out what to get for the people on your list can sometimes be tough. In a year when nothing's been easy, the last thing you need is to struggle to pick out that special something for the ones you love.

Don't worry — CareFinder is here to help! We have a list of awesome gifts for all the people you want to celebrate this holiday season, including our team members' top suggestions. Check them out below!

Little Kids

Building Block Table: New mom and CareFinder team member Jasmine loves this gift for little ones! They're great toys for developing motor skills and creativity. Plus, parents can challenge their children to build something like mom and dad did. As a bonus, Toys R' Us is also offering a lot of sale items!

Picture Books: Not only are picture books a great source of entertainment, they're also wonderful tools for educating and language learning. You can find books in Japanese or English on Amazon and get started with a new language this holiday season! We also have an article (in Japanese) with tons of great seasonally themed picture books to check out!

Mini Trampoline: Cold weather and health concerns might keep you inside more than usual this winter; keep the kids entertained and tire them out with this mini trampoline. They provide great exercise and can be easily stowed away when not in use.

Bigger Kids

Kites: CareFinder founder, CEO and mom to two Megumi thinks kites make a great present for your kids this year. They are also a traditional gift for celebrating the New Year in Japan. Whether you want to stick with a classic shape or get adventurous, there is a large variety of options to choose from!

Craft Sets: Spark their imagination with craft set, like this massive bead bucket. Your budding artist will stay engaged and flex their creative muscles. Just make sure they clean up afterward or you'll be stepping on beads for days!

Robotics Kit: If you have a young engineer at home, these robotics kits are a must for this holiday season. With all the tools and technology needed to create their very own smart car, your kid will also get a taste of programming and problem-solving.


Nintendo Switch Lite: If you've managed to make it this far into this year without succumbing to Switch mania, now is the time to go for it! The Lite is less expensive than the original models but still allows your teen to take part in all of the popular games. Plus, it comes in several great colors!

In-Demand Books: It can be difficult to convince teens that reading is still cool; why not sweeten the concept with a popular graphic novel? Amazon tracks the most sought-after teen and young adult books, which makes it easier to figure out what the Kids These Days are into!

BTS Merch: BTS, the biggest pop group...ever, has millions and millions of super fans all over the world. If one (or more!) of them live in your house, gifting them with merch is a surefire hit. From pajamas to backpacks, you'll find it all and then some.

Grown Ups

Flowers: CareFinder team member Anna recommends the classic gift - flowers- for all the grown-ups on your list. There are classic rose bouquets, stunning orchid displays and thousands of other beautiful choices at this shop in Ginza. And ordering is available online, in English!

Local Products: Anna also recommends taking advantage of local online shops to give gifts from all over Japan. Since most of us didn't travel nearly as much this year, it's a great opportunity to give a unique present that will also help to support the local economy. In Niigata for instance, you can send locally brewed beer or chili oil.

Spa Day (Michelle): One way to unwind after a stressful holiday season (and honestly, the entire year) is a nice trip to the spa! CareFinder team member Michelle recommends the popular Green Retreat Setagaya. Not only does the spa have measures in place for health and safety, but they're also offering a host of holiday specials to take advantage of before December 26.

The Whole Family

No-Screen-Time Games: Megumi and Trevor, CareFinder COO and dad, both agree that the best presents for the whole family are the ones that can be enjoyed without any screens getting in the way! Whether it's a group project using beautiful Kapla blocks or old-school classics like Jenga or Monopoly Jr, there are endless ways to enjoy one another's company (and enjoy a little competition!) this holiday season. 

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