Celebrating Thanksgiving in Tokyo 2023

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Tokyo 2023

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Tokyo 2023


You do not want to miss Thanksgiving in Tokyo. And while Japan's Thanksgiving holiday (November 23) is a lovely opportunity to show our gratitude to first responders, police officers and healthcare workers, that's not the Thanksgiving we're talking about here. We mean the American version.

American Thanksgiving is held on the third Thursday in November. Traditionally, it celebrated the harvest and good fortune of the year. Today, it is largely a food-and-(American)-football-focused family holiday, with many people traveling back to their hometowns for a long weekend.

A massive Thanksgiving feast is the focal point, with mainstay dishes like turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls and cranberry relish. Each family usually incorporates its own customary sides and different geographic regions also have unique additions (candied yam and marshmallows, anyone?).

Recreating Thanksgiving at home in Tokyo is not an easy task, especially because many homes don't come with ovens large enough for roasting a whole turkey!


TY Harbor

Ivy Place

Thanksgiving Turkey Package delively is also available. 

Two Dogs

BLT Steak

Oak Door

Soul Food House

Buy Your Own: Nissin World, National Azabu, KinoKuniya, The Meat Guy, Whole Meat

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