CareFinder’s 6th Parent and Babysitter Meet-up!

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CareFinder’s 6th Parent and Babysitter Meet-up!


CareFinder is holding parent and babysitter meet-ups regularly.  Our next meet up is decided as following date.

April 16th, Saturday 10:30~12:00 @ Shibuya

This meet-up will be a great opportunity for parents to meet sitters so parents can get a good idea of which sitter would be good to take care of their children.

CareFinder is planning to have a craft workshop for children again.  Everybody enjoyed the workshop at the last meet-up.

If you are interested in the event, please register via with your name, number of attendees and contact.  We will inform detailed information later.

CareFinder is looking forward to meeting many parents and babysitters at the next meet-up!

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