Babysitter of the Month: Manon

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Babysitter of the Month: Manon

Babysitter of the Month: Manon

This month, we'd like to introduce you to Manon!
Manon is from France but has been studying Japanese here in Japan for over a year. She is bilingual in French and English and her Japanese is improving everyday! Manon already had experience babysitting and tutoring kids before coming to Japan but has since worked with multiple families through CareFinder! Families that have worked with Manon describe her as kind, charming, sweet, mature and polite.
We asked Manon to answer a few questions to get to know her better:

What drew you to babysitting?

To share and discover many things with children. I think children act and share experiences with a babysitter in ways they probably never do with their own parents. I'm happy facilitating new discoveries and taking part in new creations and activities with them.

What do you like about working on CareFinder?

The CareFinder staff are very nice. They answer very quickly whenever we have questions. In addition, the families on CareFinder are also always really nice and I've never had any problems with them.

What do you like best about babysitting?

When you see kids have a lot of trust in you and you are the one that gets to help him/her discover new things and create great memories. I would be so happy to hear if one day, a kid I babysat grew up to remember all the fun times we spent together and remembered all of the interesting things we did and created. I also just love creating things with children like a cake or a car or even just going to the park to play with them.

What do you find most challenging about babysitting?

The first time that you work with a child, there is a distance between us. You need to show the kid that you are like a sister that they can trust to have a good time. That's maybe the most challenging part about babysitting.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When I'm not babysitting, I often have to study or go to my other job. But I also enjoy thinking about what activities we can do the next time I babysit!

In what ways have working with kids impacted your life? 

Working with kids has of course impacted my life. When you babysit the same kids for a long time, you know them so well and become very close. That kind of relationship without a doubt has an impact on your life.

Do you have any fond memories or stories from babysitting?

I remember one day, we were baking a beautiful cake covered in little hearts. It looked delicious and we were so excited but when we began to eat the cake, I suddenly told the kids: "Please stop eating! This is really disgusting!" and it really did taste disgusting. At that moment, we all burst out laughing and laughed so hard. The cake was absolutely beautiful but because we messed up on the ratio of baking powder, the cake was ruined. Still, it made a great memory!
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