Babysitter of the Month: Dilafruz

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Babysitter of the Month: Dilafruz

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Dilafruz!
Dilafruz is an English teacher and a mother of 3 children. Through her years teaching and raising her own children, she has gotten to know the innate disposition of children and understand their unique needs. She loves to work with children of all ages, teaching them different languages and nurturing them all the way from preschool to high school. In addition to raising her own children and working with students as a teacher, Dilafruz also has experience working with toddlers volunteering in orphanages.
Dilafruz’s time spent at the orphanage truly reflects just how much she loves and cares for all children. At the orphanage, Dilafruz provided tutoring and more importantly love and care for the children there. The children there became so connected with her that when Dilafruz would bring her own children to the orphanage, they were confused as to why other children were referring to their mom as “mommy.” When reminiscing about her time at the orphanage and her motivation behind volunteering there, Dilafruz commented, “I know that I can never provide them all that they deserve but still, I got to be the reason for them to smile at least once a week.”
As a multilingual individual, fluent in English, Russian, and Uzbek and also conversational in some Turkish and Japanese, Dilafruz can not only facilitate cultural exchange but teach and help children with their homework multiple languages.
We asked Dilafruz to answer a few questions to get to know her better:

What drew you to babysitting?

The love and passion for kids. This is also what led me to become a teacher.

What do you like about working on Carefinder?

Reliability, safety, organization… basically everything!

What do you like about babysitting?

The exchange of love between myself as a sitter and the children. Because children are so loving, it is such a pleasure working with them.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love listening to music, learning how to play a musical instrument, and reading books.

Do you have any fond memories or stories from babysitting?

Often when I go for a walk or am walking the children back from school to their home, people mistake me as their mother. This makes me happy because it means that I am doing my job appropriately and with love!
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