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Stay Healthy During Back to School

Stay Healthy During Back to School Season

Whether the kids you babysit are headed back to school, your own academic year is kicking off or both, there will be tons of "new" things: new teachers, new books and new classmates. Unfortunately, the new people surrounding us also have... new germs!
When we're introduced to a bunch of people we've never met, like we are at the start of the school year, our bodies aren't really prepared for it. Which usually means one thing: we get sick. Young children, who aren't quite pros at practicing good hygiene yet, are especially likely to become germ incubators this time of year. Even if they don't get sick themselves, they can easily carry home what they pick up at school or daycare.
Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to keep yourself healthy despite all of the coughs and colds floating around you!
1. Wash your hands
Seems so simple, but it really is an effective measure in reducing the spread of sickness. Carrying around antibacterial gel or wipes is a good idea as well, especially if you find yourself commuting and pressed up against strangers on the train more often!
2. Eat your veggies
The vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, especially green, leafy ones, are proven to help support your immune system. They're good for your overall health and assist in fighting off sickness.
3. Stay active
Studies show that keeping up a regular exercise routine - even if it's only a walk at lunchtime - helps white blood cells (which counteract cold germs) circulate throughout your system.
4. Get quality sleep
It can be hard to get enough sleep when you're cramming for tests or guzzling coffee, but it's critical in keeping colds at bay. Every extra hour you get increases your body's ability to resist a virus.
5. Drink green tea
This is an easy one in Japan! Green tea has long been praised for its flavonoids, or antioxidants. Have a couple of cups a day (if you aren't already!) and you're on your way to warding off sickness.
We hope these tips are helpful as Back to School season approaches! As a reminder, if you do feel yourself getting sick or are unwell and have committed to a babysitting job, please ensure you let parents know as soon as possible so they have time to make other childcare arrangements.
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